Strength And Conditioning Programs Essay

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Strength and Conditioning Programs Help Athletes
Imagine it being the athlete 's senior year of high school, spring season and their ready to go out for track. They didn’t do much in their off season. They ran a little, but now it’s the first indoor meet, and the athlete goes to take off from the blocks, but falls. Their muscles were strong enough and they couldn’t hold the impact put on them. Strength and conditioning programs work on increasing the strength and speed of an athlete. Strength aspect works on training joints to move through the full range of motion. It will allow the athlete to gain muscle and become more powerful. Conditioning aspect works on flexibility, speed, and agility. All ways to help the athlete become quicker. Strength and conditioning programs help the athlete gain muscle strength, reduce the severity of an
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The athlete will gain muscle strength and prevent muscle imbalances while in a strength and conditioning programs. Athletes will become in good physical condition and that will help them prevent injuries. The athlete will be able to move quicker and be putting themselves at less of a risk for injuries. Strength and conditioning programs will reduce the severity of an injury, so if the athlete does get hurt, they will not be out as long, if they were not in a strength and conditioning program. Athletes will gain confidence in themselves because they will be in better shape and be a better athlete. All these ways help prove that strength and conditioning programs help athlete in their sports and will keep them in shape. If that athlete that fell would have worked hard in their off season doing a strength and conditioning program their muscles, tendons, and ligaments would have been able to take the impact put on the body and they would have been able to

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