Tim's Coffee Shoppe Executive Summary

The Future of Tim’s Coffee Shoppe
AB299: Associates Capstone in Management
January 20, 2015
Denise A. Brown
Executive Summary
Tim’s Coffee Shoppe has the ability to become as successful as he wishes. With the recommendations on the following pages, Tim can do just that. With improvements across the board from technology to repairs, Tim will increase his sales and profits. Along with his staff their supporting him and vice versa, he will only continue to grow in the right direction.

Regulations and Management Summary
Leadership and experienced management are key to a successful business. The chatter between crew regarding weekend plans, and what not need to stop. Customers do not want to hear about this. To maximize success promote
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When a customer comments to a friend or co-worker about Tim’s coffee, we want it to be a positive conversation. One customer stated that the coffee taste burnt. Just look at the name Tim’s Coffee Shop. Coffee is obviously a specialty and should be treated as such. Tim’s coffee should be top notch, have rave reviews, and should definitely not taste burnt. Others patrons state that Tim’s Coffee Shoppe is easy to access, comparable to the campus, but would rather go to Tim’s competitors. The issue is that these patrons or rather customers settle for Tim’s, because of convenience and not because of loyalty, products being offered, or quality. The first item on the agenda is to exceed customer’s expectations regarding the taste and quality of coffee being served. It shouldn’t stop there either. All the products offered should exceed customer’s expectations. One way to complete this is by grinding his coffee beans at the time of brewing and purchasing organic coffees. So many customers now want organic and this is just another way to get the customer in the door by advertising organic …show more content…
Strengths: Tim’s Coffee Shoppe strengths are location, menu prices, and the fact that he owns his own freezer free and clear.
Weaknesses: Tim needs to promote an employee to Employee Trainer. I would suggest Elena Cano because of her exceptional knowledge. He needs to also upgrade his cash register and to go one step further, he needs to get an updated computer system.
Opportunities: Tim needs to be more active is getting customer feedback. Perhaps by mailing surveys, just so he can get the extra input needed to become more successful. He should also actively recruit for new suppliers and vendors who deal mainly with organic and eco-friendly products. Lastly, Tim could also benefit into looking to expand his business in the extended future.
Threats: Tim needs to step up his game, so that competitors won’t move in on his market. When you get one bad review, you are likely to lose customers. Tim cannot afford something like this happening. He needs to have sales and profits to succeed.
Economic Environment/Finance and Accounting/Financial Statements

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