Business Case Study: Calveta's Success

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1) Calveta’s values played an important role in the business 's success. He followed Antonio’s way which is the seven core elements of values and desired behaviors. These elements played their roles in contributing to Calveta success. Calveta started to manufacture the highest quality meals and its serve at lowest price possible and approach customized fresh and healthy food to the residents of senior living facilities (SLFs) taste. Also, Calveta prepared food that focus on nutrition food for the residents and will not exceed their stream food budgets. He maintained innovation personalized services and motivated the employees to understand that their job is to take care of customers and staff help and respect each other. Calveta encourage …show more content…
Also their culture does not fit some of the businesses that they want to juncture with. In this case development would be just what they need so that their organization can evolve and get to that level that Antonio wanted them to get to. Like said in the article, the elderly would climb from 39 million in 2009 to 72 million in 2030. This would mean that the Senior living Facilities would grow in residents and this would probably cause a major problem because the company would have to hire more employees, but that would mean he would have to hire more employees and he would have to train these employees to accept the company’s core values. Frank is worried that employees and management won’t agree to the company’s core values.
Training is very important in the organization of Calveta’s. Calveta should train their employees to accept the core values and also to enhance an effective positive growing culture towards the Calveta organization. This type of training can help make great communication skills within the company and also help with the company
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Not only would “Antonio’s Way” not completely survive the change in venue, the company would have to reconstruct their current management set-up and strategies. With the expansion into the Hospital sectors, the Calveta company risks not being able to provide the highest quality of food services if the economy does not improve. Poor economy means cutbacks in funds for Hospitals, cutbacks then lead to the termination of certain services Calveta could offer them. Calveta would also need to step up their business strategies to deem them fit to compete with food service companies that have already obtained long-term contracts with Hospitals. The structure and development of employee’s capabilities are not yet up to par for this particular change in venue and new service offerings. If the company were to go through with the expansion without much preparation, the company could fail and gain a bad reputation, which also results in further loss of business as SLFs and Hospitals need reliable services. Even though expansion into the Hospital sector was the best option by default that does not make it the smartest

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