Wando River Grill Case Study

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Wando River Grill Case Study
Jennequia Brown
Columbia College Case Study
I. The Client
Richard Davidson is the owner of Wando River Grill (WRG), a new restaurant in Cainhoy, South Carolina.
II. Leadership Challenge
Davidson’s restaurant is experiencing high turnover and lowering costumer service. He has hired a consultant to help him assess why and what he can do to stabilize staffing and fast forward the growth of his restaurant.
III. Description of organization
Cainhoy is rural town on the outskirts of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. The residents of this Wando River Grill has its grand opening in April 2016. This novice organization is owned by Richard Davidson, a wealthy lawyer who is diversified in several different industries. The
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Davidson believes he has strong management, but with pressure to succeed, he is sometimes frustrated with their inability to pay attention to small details such as the exact percentage of food cost and profits for the restaurant. Davidson ability to conceptualize ideas for the restaurant are outstanding regarding menu items and ideas that will be profitable, however his technical skills regarding hospitality and food and his ability to create a trusting and open environment are significantly …show more content…
Brian’s dyadic relationship with Davidson was not that if a friendly one but a cordial one. According the Graen and Uhl-Bien’s (1995) Phases of Leadership Making Davidson and Ricker fell into the stranger phase of leader-member development. Both Davidson and Ricker at different parts in their careers were still highly interested in self-accomplishment and success on personal levels. Their actual exchange although heavily on the communication aspect were of low quality and very one way. Each of the leaders had directions that they thought the restaurants would be more successful in, however, the could never come to an agreement on what that direction would be. As a result, undermining on both ends stalled potential growth for the business. When Ricker’s personal activities with staff came to light, Davidson began to become more involved in processes that he initially gave freedom to his staff, which effected both the front and the back of the house, the hiring of an Operations Manager, and ultimately Ricker’s

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