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  • Saint Michael The Archangel Analysis

    Saint Michael the Archangel is the largest single piece of Byzantine statue made of ivory that still stands. This art piece was made during the 6th century, in Constantinople. This piece of art is classical style, it has a large panel which is interesting because most panels are originally small. The ivory is about 18in., this art piece has many details lots of architecture elements. The angel is very large and takes up all of the star case, it has a hierarchy scale so that his size is able to match divine nature. The details that is carved into this art piece shows the delicacy that was put into. Sant’ Apollinaire was the other piece I decided to pick and compare. This art piece is located inside the church of Sant’ Apollinare in Classe, Ravenna, Italy. The mosaic…

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  • What Happened To Joseph Conrad's Heart Of Darkness?

    eager as they may be, not one of them has a dress she could lend me.” Freder stood bending over her with lowered eyes. The flames of the huge fire glowed upon his handsome, open face, which wore an expression of shame and sadness. But when he raised his glance to meet Maria 's eyes, which were silently fixed upon him, without saying a word he took her hands and pressed them against his eyelids, remaining thus for a long time. And all this while they both forgot that, on the other side of the…

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  • Character Analysis: The Archangel Finds His Champion

    The Archangel Finds His Champion Archangel Michael stared down from the golden glowing clouds of Heaven, searching the earth for The One. Lucifer had already found his moral warrior, the black king stealing the first move in their little game of sacrificial lambs and slaughter. Now it was Michael’s turn to select a pawn, to decide which little piece of the board he wanted to invade. There was a man, big and quick on his feet, an ideal fighter – yet not such a smart one. His left guard was…

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  • Guardian Angels Research Paper

    These angels pertain to different categories. The angelic realm has a well-defined hierarchy containing different angels. Each category represents a unique specialty and power. The angels who are working with mankind on earth pertains to heavenly messengers comprising of 1) the principalities, 2) the archangels, and 3) the Guardian angels. Guardian Angels: The guardian angels are those angels who are with us since our birth and stay with us till our death. They always stay with us in order to…

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  • Good And Evil In John Milton's Paradise Lost

    Satan disguised as a cherub tricks Uriel, one of the seven archangels, and as soon as he realizes his mistake he warns Gabriel that someone has trespassed the Garden of Eden. Milton describes the devolution or degeneration of Satan since the rebellion to when he faces Gabriel and the other archangels in Eden. He starts as an archangel (when God creates him); then to a cherub (much lesser angel); from cherub to a bird (which is the last shape he has with the ability to fly); a lion and then a…

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  • Who Is To Blame In Milton's Paradise Lost?

    Paradise Lost is an epic poem in blank verse by the 17th-century English poet John Milton which tells the story of the fall of man as written in the first chapters of Genesis. Milton uses the poem to clarify what he thinks are part of the story in the first three chapters of Genesis. The Bible gives short accounts of the creation, the birth of man and woman, the temptation and the fall of man but Milton tells the story from his own perspective to add to the Biblical version. Satan is an…

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  • Mosaics In Byzantine Architecture

    Justinian is shown holding bread, while Theodora is carrying a chalice, two objects that are symbols for the Eucharist. Justinian is accompanied by twelve people, or in the Christian religion equivalent, twelve apostles. Justinian is portrayed in his mosaic in a similar manner as Constantine. There is also a shield with Christ’s symbol that can equate Justinian’s conquest of Ravenna to Constantine’s triumph that led to the founding of Constantinople. Justinian was an heir to the Constantinople…

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  • The Importance Of The Watchtowers

    The watchtowers are spiritual centers of each of the 4 main elements. The Watchtower of the East is the home of Air and houses the Elemental Sylphs. The Watchtower of the West is the home of Water and houses the Elemental Undines. The Watchtower of the South is the home of Fire and houses the Elemental Salamanders. The Watchtower of the North is the home of Earth and houses the Elemental Gnomes. In the Southern Hemisphere those two are reversed. The Watchtowers are protectors of that area,…

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  • Comparison Of Michael And Gabriel In The Book Of Gabriel

    Archangels – Michael and Gabriel are the two archangels that are mentioned most in scripture. We first find the mention of Gabriel in the book of Daniel 8:16 when Gabriel was sent to explain the vision of the ram and he goat: “And I heard a man’s voice between the banks of Ulai, which called, and said, Gabriel, make this man understand the vision.” Here we have one of the visions Daniel is given concerning the great tribulation which is to take place prior to the return of the Son of God. And…

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  • Suggested Interview Report

    different intentional set clearings and activations. 2. Ancestors Clearing– Chief Anico and Archangel Michael • During this session, we will be connecting with Chief Anico from the Kickapoo Tribe (one of Anyaa’s guides) and also, with Archangel Michael. Together we will clear your Akashic Family traits. We often come into the same family for many lives, we will use this session to clear density between yourself, and your family as we honor your ancestors. 3. Releasing blocks from solar plexus…

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