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    The questions Ramsden (2009) discusses depends on the interrelationship between the archaeological record and the past contexts (Gibbon 2014). He uses the evidence from the archaeological record in order to understand the past house histories and the changes that occurred in the community. Ramsden (2009) utilized a house structures, features, faunal remains and other artifacts in order to understand the past. Additionally, his questions require him to look towards the archaeological record in order to interpret the past. Ramsden (2009) brought the past to life through the archaeological record. Opinions in Place of Conclusions: There are not a lot of opinions that are in place of conclusions in Ramsden’s (2009) article. I believe this article has a lot of support for the conclusions that are made, although, there are a few opinions as mentioned below. The following are opinions that are evident in Ramsden (2009) article: ¬ Households near House 10 were dismantled in order for its inhabitants to move into House 10 to show solidarity with its economic and political positioning…

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  • The Mexican Life Style Of The Mexican Culture

    Mexico is divided by class , meaning they are divided in sections by how much money they make. This class is rated either low, medium, and high. High class people are rich and really don’t associate with low class because of their reputation. About all the high class people work in office buildings , are actors, or have their own business. The middle class people are more on owning big Acers of land for plantation. They do associate with low class and upper class. For low class people they own a…

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  • David Widdifield: A Short Story

    On April 23, 1985 Lori Greene and David Widdifield were officially husband and wife. On April 25, 1985 David left for basic training. After only two short days the newlyweds were torn apart and thrust into a new way of life. They had no idea how much these fifteen weeks would impact the rest of their lives. They had no idea that this brand new would lead them down a path to a wonderful exciting future. The infantry basic life consists of long days and short nights for new recruits. By 4:00…

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  • Redemptora As A Shipwreck

    Chapter 4: Review of Archaeological Literature The history of the Redemptora as a shipwreck starts at an unknown date. Until now, little had been found about its abandonment, reflecting a common practice of disposing of vessels without fanfare. However, in the museum files (WA Maritime Museum file MA File No: 10/78-1) a very interesting article in the U.E.C (Underwater Explorers’ Club) News of October 1962 was unveiled, signed by the ‘Beach Master’. It reports on page six that the author had…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Personal Experience Of Flight

    Mid Fall 2012 The plane ride here was a long one. The droning engines of the C-17 went on for hours and pierced through my earplugs. I could only feel overwhelmed and excited by what was happening. I was finally getting sent overseas after four long years of basic training. A few nervous thoughts had passed my mind about what could happen, but was soon drowned out by the engines. The passenger section of the C-17 was nothing like a civilian aircraft. A few rows of seats with our gear packed in…

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  • The Osage Firebird Analysis

    While reading “The Osage Firebird,” I saw how the structure of the text, led to one another. Meaning, when the author, Sudipta Bardhan, wrote this passage she made it connect really well to each other. While reading the passage, I observed how she did it. She did it by adding one detail in one section, then that one detail becomes the main idea for the next section, or for any section. I saw the connection of each section near the end, since in the beginning of the passage, I didn’t see any. …

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  • Sagalassos

    questions. In past excavations, archaeologists were trying to simply document the archaeological record for the site, however the excavation project conducted by the University of Leuven from Belgium is discovering…

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  • Archeological Investigations

    that a natural occur and are contained in human remains and feces. These trace elements can be deposited and stored in soil resources for decades, and they allow researchers to measure for variations in soil pH levels due to human activity. An example of an archeological site that was discovered using this method was the Plas Gogerddan, Ceredigion in Wales, where “geochemical analysis was used to determine that burials on this Early Christian Burial site could be identified using phosphate…

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  • Case Study Of Crawford's Ethical Dilemma

    new found artifacts are ethically wrong and these artifacts are public property. To sell the artifacts that Crawford found is ethically wrong since it gives the artifacts a monetary value. When artifacts get a monetary value, it promotes looting of archaeological sites. If looting rises, archaeological sites will be damages and destroyed. This will produce minimal cultural…

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  • Role Of Archaeology In Hawai

    Anthropology Introduction Anthropology is an important field in human lives. It is the study of diverse human aspects within the present and past societies (Smith, 2009, p. 35). Anthropology has several branches or is divided into several specialties. Archaeology is one of the several branches of anthropology (Smith, 2009, p. 35). It is the study of the past human activity through critical analysis and recovery of the materials the human used. This paper will focus more on the archaeology…

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