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  • Intergenerational Play

    Discussion of the Weaknesses of the Reviewed Literature In this literature review, several studies on intergenerational game play were discussed in order to understand the nature of intergenerational play in games, with a focus on digital games, and the impact of playing games on negative attitudes of both the young and the elderly towards each other. We started with the studies exploring the characteristics of intergenerational interaction in gameplay and then went on to focus on research examining such interaction in leisure activities, physical and non-digital games, and finally digital games. First of all, it was found that Allport’s intergroup theory has been a recurrent theoretical ground informing many of such studies. We also saw that…

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  • Lightning Wild Essay

    it is more or less flat across the board. The backdrop appears to be a neon light of some description weaving through the night sky, but where it doesn’t appear to be reminiscent of lightning, we aren’t quite sure of its point. The theme of this game is drab at the best of the times, with the symbols used certainly not helping matters. While we understand that this is a game with “classic” intentions, the lack of imagination is pretty clear. Lemons, stars, watermelons, oranges, and more are…

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  • Paragraph On Little Big Planet

    published by other users, you will essentially never run out of new things to do. The graphics, audio, and physics of the game were praiseworthy as well. Beautiful, accurate scenery accompanies the many different countries you play through and the background music is always fitting and uplifting; don’t be surprised if you find yourself dancing along to it while playing! What is truly amazing, is the effort the creators put into the physics of the game. As a Sackperson you are able to walk, run,…

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  • Video Game Problem Description

    I would also alter how fast the levels changed. Because that is what people have suggested after they gave my game a trial. Genre Video-game genres are used to organize video-games based on their gameplay interaction rather than visual or narrative differences. The genre of my video game is classic arcade. This type of game genre is a fast-paced action game (for PC or console), requiring hand-eye coordination skill to play. The reason I have made it this way is because teenagers like to play a…

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  • Never Alone Analysis

    culture. However, at the same time, this new forum that is developed must show full respect for Indigenous culture and tradition, while properly engaging todays youth and those who may not have any prior exposure to Indigenous culture. This is made even more difficult when one factors in the effects of modern social media, as well as other outlets that distract and obstruct Indigenous youth from reconnecting with their roots. Yet, as made evident in the video game Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna)…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Video Game Design

    simply the best option in this day and age. While most jobs have one element to them — for example, a lumberjack solely cuts down trees, a farmer tends to their crop — video game design has many facets to take part in. If one can’t draw a simple sketch, but can create beautifully written plots and characters, they still have purpose in this field. Those who can draw, compose music, create puzzles, and/or put together an interface where everything is accessible —they have a place in this…

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  • Undertale Analysis

    Whereas most games similar in gameplay to Undertale would have you fight through random encounters with the basic options to attack, use an item or flee, Undertale differentiates itself with two extra options: the ability to ACT and the ability to MERCY. The player chooses to fight the foe if they want to, but may also use ACT to try and find a way to reason with the opponent based on what information they can gather about what the opponent…

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  • The Evolution Of Video Games Essay

    though nearly 70percent of American households play video games. The evolution of video games has evolved over the years; the odyssey game was primitive, displaying only spot of light on the TV screen, and it required a translucent plastic overlay to arouse the appearance of a game. Thanks to the modern technology, we now have consoles that display real life characters and make it gaming feel real. A game like Call of Duty: Advanced warfare is a next generation of shooting game that brings it…

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  • Creativity In Psychology

    reactions to a specific characters, plus having complete immersion in the game play, results in some very real emotions, possibly even stronger than feelings or bonds with people in real life. During my early days with World of Warcraft (WoW) I remember not knowing what to do, so I ended up killing crowds of bandits when I was given a rare loot drop. For those that don’t know, killing enemies gives you a random chance at one or more pieces armor, weapons, or other items (kind of like a slot…

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  • Outsourcing In Video Game Industry

    As the world is changing and technology is becoming greater, global business is becoming more of a common phenomenon; this is causing globalization to impact the video game industry more than ever. Being an avid gamer and owning, at least, one system from the major brands today, (Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft) it seemed like a fascinating idea to dive into the world of video games and take a look at them from a more business standpoint. From development to gameplay, countries from all around…

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