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  • What Constitutes Art

    Evaluate the claim that what constitutes ‘art’ is highly dependant on social and cultural context. In a world where one can roll out of bed leaving a disarray of sheets and strewn tissues and call it art (Emin 1998), we could be forgiven for believing that the former famous greats of the art world such as Van Gogh and Da Vinci might well be turning in their graves at the preposterous levels at which art can be declared within our contemporary society. This begs the debate of what is it that we…

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  • Reflective Essay 'Issues And Methodologies In Popular Music Studies'

    DOING ETHNOMUSICOLOGY REFLECTION In this reflective essay, I intend to broadly outline a range of pertinent questions, issues and methodologies in ethnomusicology, and their relevance across the disciplines. The seminars were guided more in a way of deep contemplation on global concerns and musical customs rather than hypothesis driven inquiries, introducing us to a vast array of literature in a highly interactive and interdisciplinary environment. I made some rousing discoveries in my assigned…

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  • Steve Reich Different Trains Analysis

    When first considering topics for this essay, I thought about the dance project because it sounded exotic and fun or maybe the interview project because of simplicity. However, I ended up choosing music review because I thought it would be the easiest and fastest. Little did I know how much I would learn from this assignment. Music affects people in a wide variety of ways, and it has done so for centuries. Different pieces leave different marks on their viewers sometimes a deeper, new found…

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  • Laurel Zucker Essay

    This concert was performed by Flutist Laurel Zucker and Pianist John Cozza. This concert included works by Paul Taffanel, Olivier Messiaen, Eric Ewazen, Germaine Tailleferre, and Charles Griffes. Laurel Zucker is a flutist who left home at the age of 14 to study at the North Carolina School for the arts. She grew up with her brother and sister in Washington Heights, in Manhattan. Zucker begged her parents for a flute after hearing recordings and graduated high school at the age of 16 and studied…

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  • Influence Of Indian Culture In Indonesia

    have been greatly influenced by India, one might say that these pieces of Indonesian art would not exist in modern day society if the Indians never traveled to Indonesia. If India never came to Indonesia, Indonesian music would not be compromised of gamelan music, which is a percussion type orchestra compromised of bronze and wooden xylophones, kecapi, a string instrument, gendang drums, flute, iron gongs, and angklung, a bamboo-made frame (Nayyar). Without a direct influence from India that can…

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  • Drumming Steve Reich Analysis

    sounds with each other. As stated by Reich, “playing musicians take on some of conductorial duties that are normally given to a non-playing musician” (Steve Reich in Six Parts 2015). In addition to learning in Ghana, Reich followed that up by studying gamelan music in 1973-1974 (Morrison). Soon after, “Music for 18 Musicians” was composed based off the drumming techniques and Bali influences that Reich had just experienced (Morrison). It was this composition with which Reich earned international…

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  • Steve Reich: The Roots Of Modern Day Music

    Music is the creation of rhythms, beats, and other elements blended together to create a track. It can be with or without lyrics, however modern day music is generally created with lyrics. Sound and music are two completely different things; music is organized sound with repetition and rhyme which has meaning behind it. But unorganized sound is simply just sound without meaning. The roots of modern day music stem back to the early twentieth century. During this era the music industry was booming…

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  • The Concept Of Culture And John Dewey's Experience And Education

    In Pennsylvania, students may not be introduced to the concept of culture until after fifth grade, as the state and national core curriculum shies away from the general topic until middle school. More specifically, the Wallingford-Swarthmore School District specifies that between kindergarten and fifth grade, the children will “explore the themes of neighborhoods and communities,” and then “learn about United States geography and history” (Curriculum & education). Thus, even though…

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  • Dance Theatre And Religion

    religious ceremony. Wayang Kulit is a shadow-puppet play that features a lone puppeteer handling and manipulating cut-out figures before a screen, casting shadows of the puppet on the screen while singing and narrating a story with the accompaniment of gamelan instruments (Brandon, 1967). The puppets used by the puppeteer during the Wayang Kulit performance is believed to be alive and containing a spirit who can only be handled by a dalang (puppeteer). It is believed and understood that the…

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  • Analysis Of Keiler's Logical Fallacies In Music

    “There is absolutely no relationship of intervallic content between this scale and the overtone series” (Keiler, 208). Not only do the exact pitches of the scale and the overtone series vary immensely, but the slendro scale is different between gamelans. With more of a melodic contour basis than exact pitch basis, Javanese slendro scale falls far outside of the harmonic series explanation. Keiler holds that claiming the harmonic series as a universal musical basis is just another example of…

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