Sound recording and reproduction

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  • Analysis Of Channel Orange

    most albums begin, with a few great ideas and a couple instruments. There were days that Frank would come in with some lyrics, and Malay would pull up a keyboard and guitar to get some ideas floating around, and those were the days that the album began (Complex Magazine, 2012). By composing songs in this style, they did not have a bulk amount of songs that they had to choose and narrow down from. They had around twenty really heart-felt, well-planned songs, and that is how the songwriting process went for about three weeks (Discogs, 2016). According to Malay, after the song-writing process, Frank became an even more diligent worker and artist. He put the songs in order as he wanted over a year before the album was recorded, and once the recording began he went in a did vocals like a perfectionist for nine months straight (Complex Magazine, 2012). After the vocals were completed, Malay and Ocean went back into the tracks to rework and touch up their production. To touch up, they brought in some more live production, and cut out some of the extra and unnecessary guitars and bass. The producers would only work in order of the record, meaning that they never worked on a track out of order (Complex Magazine,…

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  • The Effects Of Music Piracy On The Music Industry

    million being generated from the sales of downloaded digital music from online music retailers such as ‘iTunes’ (Savage, 2016). There could be a number of reasons for this, nostalgia is a key factor for when an older technology becomes popular and relevant once more, the resurgence of vinyl records can be compared to the increasing popularity of “pixel art” in modern video games, this would lead to the assumption that currently a ‘retro’ style is fashionable, which would explain the resurgence…

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  • Music Chromatography Research Paper

    The idea of music playback came from Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville, a bookseller, and trader from Paris. In 1857, Scott obtained a fascination for the human ear which led him to invent the Phonautograph, an instrument primarily used to study acoustics in laboratory research. The construction of the phonograph was heavily inspired by the anatomy of the human ear. Consisting of three main components that replicated the build of the ear canal, eardrum, and ossicles. Sound waves would be…

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  • Cinematographic Film Case Study

    OBJECTIVES  To study performers right with respect to cinematographic films in UK, USA and France.  To check whether performers right granted with respect to cinematographic and sound recording are capable of economic significance to performers.  To know limits to which performers rights can be exercised.  To study the importance of neighbouring rights in cinematographic film.  To compare performer right in a cinematographic film with performer right in sound recording.  To study whether…

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  • Advancement In Music Research Paper

    changed making it more suitable and comfortable for us to listen to. Back in the day people would have to carry boom boxes over their shoulders to hear their favorite songs. Now we have the privilege to have it in the palms of our hands. It started with American inventor Thomas Edison who was the first person to invent a device to record and play music on. It was made by him in 1877 and he called it the phonograph. The sound quality was really bad and each recording lasted for only…

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  • Digital Recording Essay

    Digital recording was a much more exact science facilitating easy editing, reproduction and storage solutions. The emergence of digital audio coincided with the development of the audio compact disc which is the most common medium in the commercial audio industry to date. Due to its precise nature, there is a growing culture of running a signal through analogue equipment to give it ‘warmth'. Towards the end of the 1980s, computer based sequencing and studio controlling exploded onto the…

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  • Copyright Music Industry

    Copyright in the Music Industry Copyright is the right that persists in a number of works. Copyright is created as soon as the piece of work is put into a material form. An idea cannot be copyrighted, only the expression of one can. In the UK, copyright is protected under the UK CDPA 1988 (Copyright, Designs and Patents Acts). This act protects the copyright of literary works, musical works, artistic works, dramatic works, films, sound recordings, broadcasts and typographical arrangements.…

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  • Indian Copyright Amendments

    member of the Rome Convention, the Copyright Act, 1957 is fully compliant with this convention. To cope with the challenges posed by the development of new technologies like recording, broadcasting and television it became essential to update copyright laws. As a result, the Copyright Act 1957bhas been amended Six times: in 1983, 1984, 1992, 1994, 1999 and 2012. Among these amendments, major changes to Indian Copyright…

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  • Vinol Records Research Paper

    The grooves are cut into the disc using a recording machine called a lathe. The engineer places the disc onto the late platter and positions a microscope and the cutter to the edge of the disc. Once ready to record he begins the audio and the lathe begins cutting the grooves. Lathes use either a ruby or sapphire cutting head. At the end of the recording the disc is inspected and if approved an etching containing a serial number chosen by the record label is etched. This is often referred to as…

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  • Linear Horn Essay

    Linear Horn: The linear horn, also known as the straight-sided horn, is a cone-shaped shell with no curvature, it is the oldest and simplest design. The pressure change through the horn is linear as a sound wave moves through it, so there is no distortion of the sound. The gradual change in the cross-sectional area of the horn decreases distortion and provides a good phase response due to compressed air in the throat. Devices intended to reproduce human voices, such as the megaphone, are…

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