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  • Synchronised Sound In Film Analysis

    The question of why synchronised sound developed can be approached in many different ways. From a teleological approach the argument would be that the development of synchronised sound seemed inevitable, arguably a logical improvement on Hollywood films. A teleological viewpoint would see the development of sound as inevitable because this makes the films more realistic. Steve Neale argues that the use of sound-in-film “reflects more of the world as experienced through our two basis senses” (Neale, 1985, p. 96). The teleological approach looks at sound as a process to get to where we are today. This viewpoint makes the development of synchronised sound seem like a stepping stone in the evolution of sound. Unlike the teleological approach,…

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  • Sound On Film Analysis

    The development of sound in the cinema happened around the time two major social commotions were going on: the Great Depression and World War II. Before sound came about, most silent films were accompanied ranging from a piano/organ to a full orchestra. Inventors tried joining images to reproduce sound through phonograph records, but it was too difficult to synchronize the sound due to the inadequacy of loudspeakers for theater auditoriums. Finally in 1927, the Warner Brothers released The Jazz…

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  • Music And Sound In Film

    not have the sound synchronized with the following content. But that is not the complete story. Even before technology was advanced enough to play dialogue or music, silent films would normally be accompanied by a pianist or even a whole orchestra. Therefore, music and sound have always been a big part of film. Films all have the same goal, to capture and engage us within their world and to evoke feelings of excitement. Sound is the essential part of any film production that many people still…

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  • Diegetic Sounds In Films

    Diegetic sounds are sounds that come from the movement or actions seen on screen or in the world of the movie. Diegetic sounds help draw the viewer into the film so that they think they are actually part of it. In films we hear familiar sounds that we hear every day and we can make a connection to them. The sounds that I will add will make the viewer feel suspense as well as a feeling as though they are actually in the film itself. The first sound I will add is known as an ambient sound. An…

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  • Meaning Of Sound In Film

    Sound sets the tone, the mood, the mise-en-scene of the shot. Sound tells us much about the movie and also clarifies the situation. If we are to feel the suspense and fear of a scene, the background sounds get louder such as foot-steps and ticking clocks. A close-up of a sweating face in the dark tells us the person is scared of what might happen or that they just woke-up from a nightmare, depending on the sounds or lack thereof. Sound has great meaning in film when used creatively as a means of…

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  • Diegetic Sound In The Film World

    The world of film is a place where two senses collide—hearing and sight. Being able to watch characters maneuver through life as the story unfolds is just part of the experience. When sound is added to the mix, an entirely different dimension to the adventure is created. This feature is capable of propelling the viewer even deeper within the plot; it can stop a person in their tracks, preparing them for what is to come. Sound guides the viewer from one scene to the next and creates anticipation.…

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  • Coming Of Sound In Horror Films Essay

    with the music, sound effects hold a great responsibility on how film may be perceived. The change of tempo, volume and pitch may in addition indicate that the filmmaker wants to respond to these particular sounds. Illustrating an example, low pitched sounds including creaky floorboards and squeaky doors can generate a sense of mystique and uncertainty. Whereas high pitched sounds, for instance the screeching of tires or loud screams, contribute to create a sense of concern and anxiety. Sound…

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  • Ambient Sounds In About Time Film Analysis

    scoring makes the diegetic world interactive with our world. Ambient sounds have been used in the films to convey the environment and the location of each scene. Various ambient sounds have been used in The Man from U.N.C.L.E, whereas in About Time chatter has mainly been used as ambience in the majority of the scenes. In The Man from U.N.C.L.E, thunder is heard in the park to reinforce that it’s raining, which conveys the rain’s realism. In the first chasing scene, there is a moment where only…

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  • Film Analysis: The Sound Of Music

    In 1965 Robert Wise, an American film director, presented to the world The Sound of Music which was about romance, music and family. The Sound of Music was based on the memoir of Maria von Trapp, The Story of the Trapp Family Singers, originally Maria had never planned to write anything about her life. However, a friend begged Maria not to let her story be forgotten. In a way, Maria von Trapp's story has been forgotten because Wise took artistic license when he was making The Sound of Music.…

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  • Cochlear Implants In The Film Sound And Fury

    I. Summary (1-2 paragraphs) The documentary Sound and Fury addresses the use of cochlear implants for individuals who are considered by a medical professional or speech and language pathologist as either deaf or hard-of-hearing. In this specific film, Heather, age 6, and Peter, who is almost 2 years of age, are individuals who, after the consultation of numerous respective occupations, believes could benefit from a cochlear implant. This documentary focuses on the fact that the implementation…

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