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  • Parkinson's Disease: A Case Study Summary

    treatment program that differed from the LSVT only in that it emphasized high respiratory effort over high respiratory-phonatory effort. The results of this comparison showed that while LSVT resulted in greater improvements in sound pressure level (SPL) over the alternative program, the other program still contributed to patient improvement in vocal loudness. Since vocal loudness was able to be improved without the phonatory emphasis highlighted in LSVT program, the researchers wished to examine the possibility that the improvements found through the use of LSVT are the result of extraneous…

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  • Positive Behavior Analysis

    I have made an abundant amount of change since I’ve reached level two. I have had to make many changes to my behavior before being able to reach this level. One of my main problems was lying which I have had trouble with before I came to Eckerd and stealing as well which I’ve worked on also. When I leveled up I was faced with problems within the group and problems I faced before I leveled up like arguing with my staff and peers. Since leveling up I learned to deal with these situations and…

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  • The Importance Of Self-Serving Behavior In Gilmore Girls

    Rory to stay at his place with him. This is the type of behavior that we see in stage two. Both Logan and Rory are receiving something out of the exchange and thus it is fine for them to have an affair. Kohlberg states that in these stages, higher levels of reasoning also contain the understanding of the lower reasoning stages. This “hierarchical integration” is due to the fact that these stages always move forward (Kohlberg & Hersh, 1977). Regression is only possible in cases of extreme…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Noise Pollution

    Chapter 2 INTRODUCTION TO NOISE 2.1 SOUND: Sound is a form of energy that produces a sensation of hearing in our ears. Sound is produced by vibrating objects. The matter or substance through which sound is transmitted is called a medium. It can be solid, liquid or gas. Sound moves through the medium form the point of generation to the listener. When an object vibrates, it sets the molecules of medium around it vibrating. The…

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  • The Importance Of Noise

    “unwanted sound or loud discordant or disagreeable sound or sounds.” (HSA). When “vibrations are transmitted through the air in the form of waves, they strike the ear, these waves produce the sensation of sound” (How Stuff Work). Our ears are divided into three sections each section with its own parts and functions play their part in enabling us to hear a noise or sound. The outer ear collects and carries vibrations (sound) to the middle ear where it is amplified allowing the inner ear to hear…

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  • What Is The Mood Of The Poem Highwayman

    The orientation of the poem occurs between stanzas one and three and these introduction stanzas are used to describe the highwayman, his situation with Bess and the setting of the poem. The first stanza is an informing introductory paragraph for the poem because of its spooky, mysterious tone. In the first stanza, there are frequent metaphors used to describe the setting, for example; ‘The road was a ribbon of moonlight, looping the purple moor’ (line 3). The whole of the first three stanzas are…

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  • Music: Heart Rate And Respiratory Rate

    The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines music as "the art of combining vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion" (Concise Oxford Dictionary 1992). However, the music genres known as Noise music and Musique concrète, for instance, challenge these ideas about what constitutes music's essential attributes by using sounds not widely considered as musical, like randomly produced electronic distortion, feedback, static, cacophony, and…

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  • Earbuds While Driving Essay

    researcher said that people “need two ears to localize sounds,” so when using an earbud, drivers are not able to tell where honking, sirens, trains, and pedestrians, as well as other noises are coming from. One research group, Injury Physicians of Minnesota, says that “[w]earing [earbuds] while you drive [...] decreases your sensory input and endangers other drivers.” This means that when a driver listens to music while driving, the quality of their senses are reduced, so they do not see and…

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  • Porous Materials Essay

    the voids are filled with a fluid (usually air). The physical properties of the materials can be characterised by bulk, macroscopic and microscopic properties. Most of which have an impact on the acoustical performance of the material. Sound energy is lost in porous materials when it is transformed into heat. This is caused by a combination of effects. Firstly, there are losses through the viscous effects between the solid matrix and the fluid when pressure waves causes the fluid to move…

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  • Computer Mediated Communication Reflection

    When comparing the results of my first quiz to my last one I noticed that they were a little different but not by much. To my surprise I actually scored slightly lower the second time, I think that as the semester went on I realized that I wasn’t as good at communication as thought. Taking this Intro to communication course I was able to have a new insight and view on what it means to communicate. Even though my score was slightly lower I feel as though some aspects of my communication have…

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