Definition Of Soul By Aquinas

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Aquinas claimed that a human person is made up of two parts, the body and the soul. The soul is the form of the body. Although the soul exists, it should not be interpreted as the soul and the body being independent elements. The soul is distinguished from the body however it has to be added to the body, making the body alive.
The soul is the first principle of life that makes a potentially human body what it is. It is because the soul is the principle of intellectual understanding. This intellectual character of the soul implies that it is immaterial, immortal and incorruptible. Which differentiates it from the non-human animals. Aquinas states that the body is a three-dimensional flesh which satisfied the desires of the dimensionless
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The problem arises in what is truly right and what is truly evil. He or she has to examine the action in comparison with his or her essence to see whether the action fits human nature. Actions that fall under the principles of natural law are considered to be good, where as if the actions do not then they are seen to be evil. Thus, this position of Aquinas has a particular phenomenological appeal: a person does anything and everything he or she does only because that thing at least appears to be good.

4. Aquinas claims that there is a natural order to the Natural Law. There are several parts to this; identify each and relate them to his understanding of human happiness. Aquinas claims that there three precepts to the Natural Law: self-preservation, procreation and education of offspring and natural inclination toward the good, which is God. On the first level of the Natural Law is self-preservation. Aquinas claims that self-preservation is found in his or her success of their natural virtues. These virtues are those activities and character traits that help fulfill self-preservation. An individual naturally leans toward these virtues out of a natural tendency for self-preservation. On the second level of the Natural Law is to rear and care for offspring. This level is shared with all living things. The Natural Law commands that an individual take care of their life, and transmit that life to the next

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