Dangers Of Distracted Driving

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Driving is an ordinary entity in millions of individuals lives that allow them to commute to and from work/school/home, but could easily turn into a nightmare that is never woken up from if not taken seriously. There are many diversions that exist while driving, but distracted driving is quickly becoming one of the most prevalent factors for causes of a car accident, and might even be more dangerous than it is reported. The time that it takes to become distracted and be a victim of a fatal accident is one second. One second of a text message or phone call that could have waited. Conversations, mainly from cellphones, are a top distraction because drivers utilize them for long periods of time per day. It is easy to see an individual being …show more content…
Part of generating awareness would be creating more public knowledge about aspects that are impaired with distracted driving, such as costs and time. Doing so would lead to proposing to the public alternative projects/innovative ideas to save lives and bring costs down. Enforcements of new technologies would greatly benefit the population in the long run in a variety of ways. Distracted driving crashes cost the United States as much as $175 billion a year, and according to data by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, all highway crashed add up to $871 billion. The breakdown of this cost would be $277 billion a year in economic costs and $594 billion in societal harm. (“Distracted Driving 1”). The economic and societal costs of crashes are staggering, and reports serve to demonstrate that investments in safety are worth every penny used to reduce the frequency and severity of such tragic events that occur daily. Without funding to projects for advertisements or new technology kits that come equipped with cars, catastrophic events would continue to take place. Any form of distracted driving would cause interior and exterior distraction and inattention. Although funding and other expenses to commence such project would be quiet costly, they would save the country, as a whole, more than it would waste. Another part for this public education part would be to …show more content…
In the duration of just a second, so many things can happen. The birth of a child, athletes set a record, people get married, a baby learns how to walk, etc. However, all it takes is one second to ruin many lives. One second to stop other seconds in ones life from occurring. In the time frame of getting into a life-shattering accident, not only is the life- or lives of those involved – taken, but also of that individuals loved ones; their parents/husband/wife/children/grandchildren/friends, when they suffer a deep loss in their life.
All of my research served to demonstrate how any sort of ongoing distraction while driving can be detrimental. Driving habits are developed early, and the exact second that someone gets behind the wheel, they are not only putting their own lives at risk but also many others. Distracted Driving is truly a deadly habit, if stopped, it would save lots of money in terms of costs ranging from reconstruction to lawyers/hospital bills, and two things that are undeniably priceless: time, and what truly matters: one’s

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