Being Distracted By Texting While Driving Essay

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Being Distracted by Texting While Driving is a Societal Problem
Messages can wait, texting and driving are not the best friends on the road driver’s and other’s life are more important than answering a message. In North America specifically in the United States and Canada a big number of car accidents and deaths occur by being distracted by texting, talking by phone or even using hands-free options while people are driving or by being distracted when walking, causing people to walk into the streets. Due to the lack of law enforcement officers, governments stricter laws and no advertisements in order to send a clearly message to the society about this problem, statistics are reaching high points and for that reason governments, phone carriers
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It is true that car accidents are common and can happen at any time by many reasons, just in an eye blink things can take a wrong turn and anything can happen. Distractions like texting on a cellphone can make people stop paying attention to the speed that they can reach ending in a fatal accident or worse leaving someone very injured or disabled. Also it is true that the new world is dominated by mobile technology in fact people is using the internet on their cellphones, tablets or laptops all the time and most of them cannot live without being connected to one of those electronic devices. Nowadays society knows that one of the most important rules while driving is to keep both hands on the wheel, however people are so used to their cellphones that think that are able to drive while are using them. Usually drivers believe that their driving skills are excellent, no taking care of that it is not humanly possible to do both things, drive and text, at the same time. Facts like, 1.6 million people have a car accident involving the use of their cellphones per year, 421,000 people are injured in accidents that involve a driver that was distracted by using a cellphones or that 1 of 4 car accidents are caused by texting while driving, are just a few list of things that are involve in this social problem that is growing so fast. (Ameen, …show more content…
Considering that it is as a societal problem the first steps are to promote the effects that use the cellphone while driving can lead in user’s life by the strong messages showed in the different advertisements produced by governments and phone carriers in the spaces commonly used by society as the internet, social media, cinemas, squares, malls and even highways where people spend lots of hours commuting. Also governments and phone carriers should help and finance developers and researchers to improve and make possible the application of products and technology in order to disable phone’s functions while cars are in movement in favor of reduce cars accidents related to drivers using cellphones. All this is really effective and possible in short term if governments start to creating laws that supported the implementation of new technologies and if also continue increasing fines and banning to offenders in order to leave a clear message about their position against this

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