Should Cell Phone Be Banned While Driving A Vehicle?

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Should the use of a cell phone be prohibited while driving a vehicle? The answer to this particular question has been debated on for several years. Many people strongly believe that the ban on all cellular devices should be required in all states, but others think that it should not. This topic is very important in today’s society because cell phones have become a significant issue on the roadway. The purpose of this essay is to bring awareness to the negative effects of cell phones, and why they should not be allowed in vehicles while driving. There are countless reports stating that cell phones were the result of many traumatic automobile wrecks (Huang 1). Paramedics and other First Responders agree that if the driver had not been distracted by a phone, he or she may not have wrecked in the first place. Drivers who use a cell phone are not only putting themselves in harm, but they are also putting drivers around them in danger too (Huang 4). Cell phones have the potential to cause unnecessary injuries, stress, and financial burden if used while driving. Although it is evident that cell phones should be …show more content…
Cell phones have become major distractions in vehicles, and they are known to be the cause of many devastating auto mobile accidents. Many drivers will still to use their phone while driving if there is not a law prohibiting it; therefore, accidents will continue to transpire. Cell phone related motor accidents are completely avoidable. Drivers need to become aware of the serious effects of using a cell phone while driving, and encouraged to make safer choices while on the road. No text message or phone call is more important than a human life. The ban on all cellular devices needs to go into effect in order to ensure that people will quit using their phone while driving, and prevent further accidents from

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