Cell Phones Should Not Be Used While Driving Essay

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How often does crashes happen on a daily basis? Now ask yourself, what causes most of the crashes? More than fifty percent of car crashes are caused by the use of cell phones in hand while driving. By allowing cellular devices in someone's hand while driving, will not only increase crash rate but also increase America's death rate. Cell phones should be illegal to use while driving because it's a distraction, it causes crashes, and a hazard to other driver's lives. Cellphones should not be allowed to be used while driving because of the distractions it cause. Despite the warnings of cellphone being a hazard to other's lives; drivers still use cell phones while driving. Why would someone text while driving? They cannot resist the urge of not doing it. On a daily basis a person …show more content…
America has a crash rate at around eighty percent daily. Can you guess what the reasons of the crashes are? Almost at least fifty percent of crashes are due to cellular devices in hand, while driving. I'm not aiming my topic toward teenage drivers, but at drivers in general. Americans would not want there children on the roads if they knew ahead of time, someone would cause a crash because of their cellphones. Because Americans get into crashes due to cellphones, cellphones should not be used nor held while driving. Cellphones should not be used while driving because of the risk it causes other people. Most car crashes are between two cars. When a person uses a cellphone, not only are their lives put in danger, but the lives of those surrounding them. Who wants to drive with a person who has dangerous life threatening habits? Almost seventy percent of drivers are involved in accidents because of a driver who text and drive. One hundred percent of divers take the risk of driving with someone who text while driving; that will not change. Why put everyone in your surroundings at risk, because you can't wait to text? Cellphones shouldn't be allowed in vehicles because it's

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