Should Teenagers Have Access To Cell Phones While Driving

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Should teenagers have access to cellphones while they are driving? Nowadays cell phones are commonly used for everything. Having a cellphone can be for emergency calls and a risk for taking your life away and someone else's life. Every teenager wants to be able to drive once they get their permit they want to be able to drive around different places and be able to drive. While others want to text as well about where the next party will be at, where and when to hangout with friends, any kind of texting while driving can change your life. Cell phone use while driving causes over 1.6 million crashes each year. Also nearly 330,000 injuries occur each year by texting and driving. Imagine someone driving and they have their left hand on the wheel and their right hand on their cell phone and when they receive a text message they are going to most likely text back that person. All of a sudden, the light turns red for the driver …show more content…
Which around that age causes terrible accidents.What parents don't realize is that when they give their teenager a car and a phone it's causing them a huge distracting on the road for new teen drivers. Teenager aren’t just killed by texting while driving there's also other ways including subway and train accident. Just by having a cellphone in your hand and your on any kind of road can cause you to have a accident by any kind of way. Cell Phones are just one of those objects that grabs people’s attention no matter what kind of activity you are doing. Teenagers have a few reason to text while they are driving because they are always in a hurry to give and receive messages, they don’t believe there is a chance by getting hurt, they get bored while driving, to send a message to a friend that they will be late or early and last but not least they think believe that their message is more important than their

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