Persuasive Essay On Distractions

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One look away and BAM! Your life has now changed forever. While talking on her cell phone and going at a speed of approximately sixty-five miles per hour, Karen Morris, 34 ran a red light and collided into another vehicle. Leona Grief and Marcia Nathans were two of the victims that were pronounced dead at the scene. Eliot Nathans, 44, was the third passenger who severely injured and remains in critical condition. Both Karen and her daughter were treated with only minor injuries (“Felony Charges in Distracted”). A family is now broken, all because you took a glance at that distracting little screen. Even though most people think a text message takes just seconds to reply, texting and driving should become a felony because multi-tasking
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Doing multiple things at once is dangerous when you’re behind a wheel (“Using Visual Imagery”). Texting and driving won’t just get you and others surrounding you hurt but can also land you in prison for a very long time (Wang). All those notifications you’re getting on your phone aren’t going to save your life or make it better, if anything they’re going to distract you and make it worse (“46 Important Texting”). The consequences you’ll get for texting and driving are serious. You can be charged for vehicular manslaughter, negligence, homicide or you can even lose your license just for trying to be “cool” and trying to multi-task when you clearly don’t know how to the right way (Wang). For example, Karen Morris was on her cell phone and caused that accident for trying to multi-tasking. With this in mind, ninety-eight percent of parents know that it is wrong to text and drive but still end up doing it (Schumaker). Children follow their parents’ steps, so whatever their parents do their children will do the same because they think it’s okay since their parents are doing it (“46 Important Texting”). Parents are showing their children that it’s a normal thing to text and drive when they know the outcome of texting and driving is going to be

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