Persuasive Essay On Texting And Driving

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Imagine a scenario where someone is driving with one hand on the wheel and the other hand involved in a conversation texting. Suddenly, a car in front of them stops and the driver crashes right into them. Any time someone gets behind the wheel, they are at risk for getting hit by someone who could be texting and driving. Technology is booming with excitement, which is why there are always people texting and driving. Texting when you are driving is a big problem in the United States and is only continuing to grow. People should become more aware of the law behind texting and driving, the age that texts the most, how dangerous it is, and lastly, how to stop it from happening. People still text and drive even though they know it is against the law. As more crashes and accidents are happening, law enforcement is only trying to strictly enforce the law. Studies have shown, 500,000 people were …show more content…
A matter of fact, adults are just as likely to text and drive as teens are. Law enforcement have noticed that texting while driving affects teens differently: “Texting and driving is more dangerous for teens, who have far less experience behind the wheel than adults” (“Adults Tie Teens in Texting, Driving”). Teens are starting to get phones at a very early age. Even though texting and driving behind the wheel is dangerous, about a quarter of the people living in the United States admit to texting behind the wheel (“Adults Tie Teens in Texting, Driving”). Most believe that many teens learn this from their parents. In addition to, “Adults may be more reliable than teens in self reporting their behaviors” (“Adults Tie Teens in Texting, Driving”). It is important for drivers to realize the dangers of texting while driving. Texting and driving is done by everyone, including teens and adults, and the society around us. As a whole, it is now important to take blame for the wrong that many have been

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