Research Paper On Texting While Driving

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Your Phone is Not a Steering Wheel In America, many citizens die in car accidents due to drivers being distracted easily. Is a text, call, or notification more important than someone’s life? Drivers who drive with distractions have accounted for almost six thousand deaths and over half a million injuries a year (“Cell phone & Texting Accident Statistics”). However, these incidents could have been prevented if those who had known it was dangerous would have discontinued their reckless practice. Presently, cell phones have much greater capabilities and are the cause of most driving accidents (“Texting While Driving Statistics”). Many drivers find it difficult to ignore their phone going off and often reach for it to read the notification. In …show more content…
Even adult drivers are prone to causing an accident from being on the phone. The belief that teens are more likely to text behind the wheel has been disproven by statistics by the Pew Research Center. Adults are thirteen percent more likely to text while driving (“Texting While Driving Statistics”). An adult was texting when she crossed the yellow line and killed Vinnie Sorce’s wife. His life had been changed forever because of a few senseless words and has led him to support a ban on using a mobile device while operating a vehicle for all ages. Adults are also capable of taking the life of another person when driving distracted. Which is why older members of the committee should be subject to laws and punishment for texting while driving, because driving distracted affects all ages of drivers. Think of your grandparent or parent trying to work a phone and how they struggle with understanding how to use it. Now imagine them trying to use their phone while driving and you will see why adults should be included in laws against cell phones. Age will not protect you from the painful effects of using a cell phone while operating a vehicle. Earman Machado was thirteen when he was “killed Dec. 27, 2007, when a car--driven by Craig P. Bigos, a 31-year-old father of four, who was text messaging--swerved onto the side of the street and struck the boy on his bike” (“Texting and Driving Deadly for Teens”). A young boy lost his life because an older driver thought he was experienced enough to text and drive. Instead, he took his eyes off the road long enough to leave his lane and kill Earman (“Texting and Driving Deadly for Teens”). Nothing Craig does can take him back to that day and save the boys’ life. His decision has not only changed his life, but also Earman’s family forever. Could this have been prevented had a law against texting been in place? Many would like to think it would have saved the

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