The Unsafe Practice Of Teenage Texting And Driving Essay

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The Unsafe Practice of Teenage Texting and Driving.
Have you ever been driving down the road and someone crosses the double yellow line, comes into your driving lane and nearly causes you to wreck? Unfortunately, this type of occurrence is becoming more common than not. One of the culprits of such reckless driving habits is texting while driving. Unfortunately, this trend is rising among teen drivers and making the roads a dangerous place to be.
With the advancement of technology and easy access to cell phones, communication has never been easier and more convenient. However, there is one place where all communications should cease. That’s when you’re behind the steering wheel of an automobile. Research has revealed that texting while driving is more dangerous than anyone had previously believed. ZoË Ruderman cites a study that shows “texting while driving increases your risk of crashing by 2300 percent” (170). In previous years, drunken driving was the top cause of teenage deaths on the road, which now is surpassed by teenagers’ texting while driving. Bill Sherman published a report by the Cohen Children’s Medical Center in New York, which states, “more than 300,000 teens are hurt and 3000 are killed each year on U.S. roads as a result of sending or reading text messages.” This tops the “282,000 injuries and 2,700 teen deaths,” caused by drinking and driving. While teen drunken driving has went down tremendously over the last 14 years, teen texting and driving has gone…

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