Consequences Of Texting And Driving In High Schools

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Doug was going 50 down Main Street and listening to music with his windows rolled down in early July. As he began to speed up, he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. He picked it up, and saw that his friend texted him. Having one eye on the road and one on his phone, he got into a conversation with him. As he was typing, a car blasted its horn behind him and he looked up. He saw two little kids crossing the street 10 feet in front of him. They screamed. He slammed the brakes. Parents and high schools should better educate drivers about the consequences of texting while driving because it can lead to vehicle damage, injury, and death.
Over the past several decades, driving has become more dangerous because adolescents are always glued to their cell phones. With the introduction of “texting” into our society, people have taken advantage of this feature and now abuse it when they are driving. Unfortunately, many teenagers feel that it is alright to text and drive,
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To better inform students on how dangerous texting and driving is, more effective driving programs must be implemented in our high schools. Guest speakers, victims, and other figures affected by texting and driving incidents need to talk and give speeches at high schools to inspire students. In addition, better simulations and hands-on activities in our driving classes will teach students how deadly and serious this issue is.
He saw two little girls crossing the street in front of him, and he jammed his brakes. He threw his phone down and jerked the steering wheel to the left. He thought about what he was taught in school and remembered what his parents told him about texting and driving. The car skid and nearly missed the children. With better driving programs in high schools and more support from parents, texting and driving will become a lesser-known issue and fewer accidents, injuries, and deaths will

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