Thesis Statement For Texting And Driving

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Text and driving kills thousands of teens and adults every year.
B. (Reason to listen): I have been a licensed driver for two years now and I have seen many drivers texting while driving. Throughout my four years at high school I have heard countless presentations over this topic.
C. (Thesis statement with preview of main points): Texting while driving kills and injures so many every year and it is unsafe for the driver, everyone in the car and other drivers on the road.

Transition: What if you life was ended in an instant? II. BODY A. Imagine you just left your best friends house after a sleepover. You are driving home when all of a sudden you hear your phone go off. 1. Your mother has told you a thousand of times
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You think “my friends text and drive”, nothing bad happens to them. What is the harm in checking one text? The text could be really important. b. You take your eyes off the road for one second. You reach over to your bag in the passengers seat and grab your cell phone. You unlock your screen and notice the text is from you best friend. You “have” to answer the text now! 2. Your best friend’s text reads “You left your cellphone charger at my house.” You glance up, and think to yourself “Wow, that wasn’t too hard, I stayed on the road and I’m fine!” 3. You text her back, “Okay, I’ll turn aroun….” CRASH. You feel the air bags go off and that is the last thing you remember. You wake up in the hospital, you’re confused and your mother fills you in about everything. 4. You have been paralyzed from the waist down. Your head spins, why did you pick up the phone? Was that one text worth this pain? You were the luck one; the car you hit killed the driver instantly. You feel your heart skip a beat. Your mother, the billboards, and the speakers were right all along.
Transition: Texting while driving not only kills and injures, it puts other drivers’ lives in
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Imagine if the person in first story had her best friend in the car too. 1. If the best friend had gotten hurt or worst, the individual driving the car would have to live with the quilt of hurting or killing his or her best friend. 2. When a person gets in the car they receive the responsibility to not be distracted and watch the road at all times. 3. If you are the passenger in the car and the driver is texting, you have the responsibility to speak up and tell the driver to stop. 4. Some passengers are hesitant to say anything, especially if the driver intimidates him or her. Speaking up to the driver will be a lot less scary then potentially waking up in the hospital.
Transition: Not only does texting while driving endanger the driver and the passenger, it also risks the lives of other on the road. C. Imagine if you were in the car that was hit by the individual who was texting while driving.
1. Your life could end because someone made an unwise decision. 2. As a driver, you were doing everything right. You used your blinker, you went the speed limit and your phone did not distract you. 3.The individual, who was texting and driving, swerved into your lane and hit you doing 70 miles per

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