Persuasive Essay About Drinking And Driving

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When you get into your vehicle, put your keys in the ignition and put it into drive you a responsible for everyone on the road: yourself and the people around you. “In a split second you could ruin your future, injure or kill others, and tear a hole in the heart of everyone who loves you” (Texting and driving, Heit). Texting while driving are never okay in any circumstance. Drinking and driving becomes very dangerous for yourself and the people on the roads around you. Many people think that sending a message at the stop light is not causing harm. Most of the time it is not, but the person not paying attention can easily hit another car. Some people think that if they have only had a few alcoholic beverages that they will be okay to ride to the gas station or a fast food restaurant. Texting and driving is said to be more dangerous than drinking and driving, but in my opinion, both are just as dangerous. Texting and driving is become worse every single day. “50 percent of adults admit to texting and driving” (Texting and driving, Heit). Adults do realize how bad that …show more content…
“The next time you reach for your cellphone while driving, pretend it’s a bottle of beer. You would not take a swig of alcohol while driving, but did you know texting while driving could be even more dangerous?” (Texting and driving, Heit). Drinking and driving is not safe, but it is said to be less dangerous than texting and driving. Texting and driving is 6 times more dangerous than driving while intoxicated, according to the National Traffic Safety Administration. “Texting and driving is 4 times more likely to cause an accident than driving drunk” (Edgar Snyder). Many people do not take their eyes off of the road when being drunk. Things seem to go more slowly when someone is behind the wheel drunk. People have to take their eyes off of the road to send a text message; this is why texting and driving causes more

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