Dangers Of Texting And Driving

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If there is anything in life that a person can wish could change, or if a person can wish a moment to never have happened, it would be when a person loses a loved on. Unfortunately, life is so fragile, some people know this because something drastic has happened in their life, but some people do not know until it is too late. Texting while behind the wheel is wrong and life threatening. With the advancement in technology, phones have dominated the hands of millions of people all over the United States. It is wrong and life threatening because it is dangerous, irresponsible and against the law.
In the first place, texting while driving is dangerous. It can be fatal, texting while driving is a form of distraction and can be prevented. Some
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Statistics show that when texting and driving, it reduces reaction time to 35% (This is a story of Patrick Sims, one day he is on the way home with his girlfriend, Patricks phone goes off notifying him of a text message. As he decided to write back for only a couple of seconds, by the time Patrick looked up to the windshield, it was too late. Patrick hit a bicyclist Jim Price, 63 years old, a bicyclist fanatic, a father, and a husband. Three days after the accident, Jim Price had been taken off of life-support and passed away. For Patrick, what was supposed to be a year in jail, instead he spent 10 days, a $3,000 fine, 3 months in house arrest, no cell phone or driving for an indeterminate time, also 300 hours of community service. Patrick remembers the day in the courtroom, he stopped before Jim Price’s widow and kept apologizing, even though she forgave him, it is a memory that Patrick will never forget. All of those consequences and issues that he now faces could have been prevented if he would have just let the phone ring and checked it later, things would be different for him and the other family. Accidents such as these affect everyone, not only the deceased, but everyone involved and their families (Schindehette, …show more content…
Statistics show, according to the Official U.S. Government Website for Distracted Driving,
In 2013, 3,154 people were killed in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers. This represents a 6.7 percent decrease in the number of fatalities recorded in 2012. Unfortunately, approximately 424,000 people were injured, which is an increase from the 421,000 people who were injured in 2012 (Distraction.gov, n.d.).
To reduce traffic fatalities, a secondary based law banning texting while driving are effective in the majority of our states in the United States. The states with the law, have 1.6 fewer deaths. The law against handhelds with all drivers, young and old, are primarily enforced showed a 3% reduction in total traffic fatalities. The analyses basically states, that the states with handheld ban for all drivers saw reductions in traffic fatalities during the study period. Since the law became effective in some states, in those states, the numbers of fatalities have decreased (Ferdinand,

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