It's Time To Stop: Texting And Driving

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It 's Time to put a Stop To: Texting and Driving

Teen texting and driving has become a serious issue in the United States leading to accidents and deaths. Young adults have become accustomed to driving and using their cellular devices at the same time. This behavior is known as multitasking and is the main reason leading to irresponsible driving habits. These habits lead to accidents and death statistics establish “11 teens die everyday as a result of texting while driving” (Riddle). It is essential to decrease the amount of accidents and fatal deaths caused by texting and driving. Multitasking is dangerous and should not be done while conducting a motor vehicle, “Genuine multitasking, has been exposed as a myth, not just by laboratory
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Teens need to be educated on the cognitive process of driving, “Your visual attention needs to be on the road so that you can see turns, perceive potential problems, and determine where you’re going next. Your manual attention needs to be directed to the wheel as you control the car”(Shuler). A cell phone can distract a teenager just by hearing a single beep from a notification that they have received, this will lead the teen to viewing their phone for what they believe is just “one second.” During this “one second” the lives of many can be taken,“There is abundant evidence demonstrating that texting while driving impairs driving performance”(Jibo). Texting while driving can make you switch from lane to lane without you noticing it happen. It can also mislead you off the road causing you to crash into a tree, pole or any other object in front of you. Having your phone turned off while driving is a great idea, which may bring about being another choice to settling the issue. which may result in being another option to resolving the …show more content…
Another way to diminish the rate is by providing more Texting and Driving signs in highways /cities/and towns. Less texting and driving will decrease the death rates of teenagers. A significant amount of signs should be put up in order to reduce accidents caused by multitasking. If teens see that there are a great amount of signs of texting and driving they will be aware of the situation that is occurring. The signs should include the fee of one getting caught texting and driving. This will alarm teenagers and can potentially result in putting an end to the

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