Cell Phones: The Problem Of Distracted Driving

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Over the past decade or so there has been a spike in car accidents on American roads. The reason for this is the emergence of the cell phone. Today roughly eighty percent of Americans have cell phones. Having a cell phone in the car creates tempts the driver to see if they have any messages, change the music, make phone calls, and even send messages. All of these take the driver 's eyes off of the road and place them on the phone screen. A driver whose eyes are not on the road for even a few seconds can cause an accident. The United states has noticed that this is a problem and has taken steps to correct it through bans on texting and driving. Unfortunately these bans have proven to be unsuccessful; if the United States wants to see real drops in auto accidents due to cell phones more serious measures need to be taken. The …show more content…
This problem can be easily avoided if the United States congress passes legislation requiring all cars to have bluetooth, along with technology in the phone that shuts the phone off when it moves faster than 15 miles per hour. It is imperative that is law is passed immediately as each year drivers take to the streets with phone in hand and eyes off the road. This style of driving is just as dangerous as driving a time bomb around; no one can tell for sure when it will go off but when it does people will get hurt. This problem can be stopped as soon as this solution is put forward by federal legislation, little time would need to be spent developing any technology because all of it already exists. All that congress needs to do is make it required for all phones and cars to have this pre existing technology built in. The minor inconvenience that this solution will possibly create will, in the long run, prove to make American roads a safer place then they are

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