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  • Clive Turner Analysis

    Turner uses this decision to contrast the two definitions provided previously, as well as reinforce the magnitude of possible interpretations between R v Ogawa and Monis v The Queen. The meaning of “harassing” in R v Ogawa: In contrast to Monis v The Queen, Dr Ogawa was sent to court on a count of ‘harassment’ through her use of emails and a separate count of ‘harassing’ with respect to her telephone calls. The prosecution tendered a document listing the date, time, telephone numbers and duration of each call with particular registry, registrar and judges’ chambers to which the calls had been made . Zero evidence is submitted on the content of the calls. J Durward said: The word "harass" is defined in the Australian Concise Oxford Dictionary, in the third edition in the following way: to trouble and annoy continually or repeatedly. It does not have a legal…

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  • My Experience In My First Year At St. John's University

    when I was back at home. It went from one phone call a week to barely one phone call in a month; I felt major relief from distancing myself from her. I faced no backlash for the way I dressed or how I might do my hair. I was free from having someone contribute to my feelings of worthlessness on a constant occasion. But despite all of this, I still care about my mother dearly, but at the time, I wanted to distance myself from years of being put down. However, as a result of keeping my distance, I…

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  • Interview Strategies

    When applying for a job, most of the times the employer is not going to call the candidate and set up an interview. This would be the perfect scenario. However, there are some strategies that could give applicants the chance to meet the employer, and perhaps get hired. Different strategies can be used. They differentiate in direct and indirect requests for an interview. For a candidate it is important to learn how to apply both strategies in order for his or her job search process to be…

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  • Field Training Reflection

    office he immediately gave me the card for February. The church ha a lot of data that needs to be logged in the system so we have a lot of catching up to do. Jeff spends most of his day conducting counseling session with some of the members of the church. During my data collection, I had several people ask who I was? Which is a common question for a phone conversation? I told them that I was Jeff Warner’s assistant. They kept asking me question such as how long have I been at the church and…

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  • Smart Phones Isolateing Society

    We avoid social problems at all costs for example avoiding making phone calls due to having to be on the spot or even going up to a person to ask questions or make an introduction. In the article Alone in the Crowd it says, “[Some] say a phone call reveals too much, that actual conversations don 't give them enough control over what they want to say” (Price, Michael). Having a conversation is part of not having control of what is being said. Conversations are made to be on the spot and allow…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Mother And My Grandmother

    Since I began college at SNU, my grandma and I send one another letters in the mail at least once a month, she appreciates that jester more than anything. It means so much more than a phone call, yet I hear my mother complain that I don’t call her enough. It is very fascinating how different generations view…

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  • How Does Technology Change My Life?

    individuality with technology can be a good thing at times, it also has lessened the ability of a family to gather together every night. Now, with everyone separating into different rooms the only times families get together is at the dinner table, if they even eat dinner together at all. Another change in lifestyle that my grandma has noticed is the exchange of information. If she didn’t use the telephone when she was younger, the only other way to spread information was by mail or word of…

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  • The Negative Consequences Of Texting And Driving

    apps available taking the option of texting and driving away so that the driver is in control of the car at all times. This issue is often avoided because many people are not sure how to go about fixing this. AT&T has proposed a pledge to not text and drive and following this pledge an app was created. AT&T DriveMode is an app that automatically silences any alerts; all calls go directly to voicemail and text message responses are forbidden. Textecution is another app that has been created by…

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  • The Choice Between Using My Phone Or Face To Face Communication

    that text, call, or comment on app. Would or do we do the same for our friends, family, significant others? Heck no! We say hang on a second I’m answering this text, or oops excuse me for a second while we take a phone call in front of them or while they were in mid conversation with us. I have seen people have mental break down if they can’t have their phone on them or it gets broken, but that same person hasn’t talked or seen their mom in weeks! Phones can be replaced your mother can not and…

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  • Technology's Impact On Society

    where lack of communication occurs is at work. Coming from experience, having your phone at work is a huge distraction. It’s hard to focus on your work when your phone keeps on ringing because you have a text message or phone call. Not only that, but also texting or doing something on your while talking to an employee is disrespectful. There also has been situations where an employee is with a client and leaves in the middle of their conversation to answer a phone call. There isn’t that…

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