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  • Verbal Aspect Analysis

    In the English temporal system, the inherent semantic properties of a verb grow out of the lexical verb being combined with its corresponding aspectual classes. Verbal aspect (or lexical aspect) refers to the situational types of states, activities, accomplishments, or achievements (Vendler, 1967). Each situation type in the verb or verb phrase (e.g., run a mile) (Smith, 1983) can be further differentiated based on the temporal properties of dynamicity, telicity, and durativity (Comrie, 1976). Dynamicity refers to whether energy is required to maintain a temporal situation or not. Dynamicity can be contrasted with stativity, the latter of which refers to the unlikelihood of a temporal situation to change (Yap et al., 2009). Telicity includes a natural endpoint, and indicates whether a temporal situation is complete or not. Durativity indicates duration of action, meaning how long or how briefly a temporal situation…

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