My Experience In My First Year At St. John's University

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In preparation last year, for my freshman year at St. John 's University, I was filled with anxiety: the kind that fills you with anticipation, but also leaves you imagining the worst. I was excited to immerse myself into my courses, and gain enlightenment, and satisfied my curiosity. I was looking forward to meeting my professors, who I expected to fully sate my hunger to learn, and also leave me wanting to further investigate my passions, both known and unknown. Not to mention, I would be studying in New York - a bustling place, characteristically different, and refreshing compared to my home state of Maryland. I was faced with an opportunity to surround myself with different minds and cultures, and hopefully grow as an individual, from all that I would experience, and hopefully coming into my own. However, secretly on the inside, I was fearful about not being capable of performing as well as I needed to in my classes, especially since I …show more content…
I want to strive, and learn, and feel comfortable with where I am in my life. And to achieve all of these, I plan on doing the following:

- Forging a healthy relationship with my mom. All throughout my freshman year, the state of our relationship kept me in constant anxiety and dread, which was made worse by my lack of communication with her. By maintaining constant contact, I can inform her about issues that I am facing (or perhaps achievements I 've made), and have some type of family support available

- I plan on attending workshops in the University 's Learning Commons on building healthy study habits, which will aid in succeeding academically. In addition, I will be visiting the learning Commons on a weekly basis to seek additional tutoring on the material within my

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