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  • What Is Cisco: Changing The Workplace

    happen in the next decade. Cisco is a networking equipment company that believes in the importance that the workplace plays in a company. Cisco developed telepresence by using virtual reality to connect people from different locations into one location. Cisco creates a unique opportunity for companies to create the future of the workplace. Cisco Telepresence IX500 Series is the most innovate system the company has developed for telepresence communication and there have been more than 105,000 total telepresence meetings since late 2006. Cisco is improving the next generation workplace, their system helps companies to reduce costs, to improve productivity and innovation. Cisco is creating the workplace of tomorrow by creating new work styles and environment. At least 50% of the U.S workforce have a job that is compatible for telework. Context…

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  • Cisco Telepresence Essay

    Telepresence Now that we control the era of technology and text messages that reduced human interaction and emotions, Cisco marked by tremendous technological invention which brought interact and communicate feelings and easy process . Introduction : Cisco Telepresence , first introduce in October 2006 , is a new technology developed by Cisco systems designed to link two physically separated rooms or area so it represent a single conference room regardless of location ,…

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  • Disadvantages Of Videoconferencing

    (Polycom fact sheet “The top five Benefits of Video conferencing”). Second question, what is the distinct between videoconferencing and telepresence? In many ways telepresence is an extension of videoconferencing; both systems allow for transmitting audio and video data, document sharing, computer displayed information and whiteboards. Virtual Meetings: smart…

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  • Technology In The Classroom

    In twenty years will these new styles of teaching be the new way of learning for schools not only in the United States, but for the world? For example, remote learning has become very beneficial for students enrolled in online courses. At Nexus Academy, a high school in Columbus, Ohio is one of seven schools out of Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana with a robot roaming the halls. One teacher, Thomas Fech, who teaches in one of the charter schools in Ohio, comfortably from his home in Arizona, says,…

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  • The Innovator's Dilemma Essay

    consistent improvements to the iPhone and App Store, Apple developed the iPad tablet. Disrupting both the desktop and PC markets, the iPad sold quickly within its first 28 days, and the number of downloads from the new-and-improved App Store increased. Apple thus forged the path for a successful disruptive product and made app development more attractive. Similarly, Cisco’s advancement in sustaining innovation often amplifies benefits in disruptive innovation, and vice versa. For instance,…

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  • Essay On Hysterectomy

    hysterectomy can be done in one of the several ways. Either the surgeon carries out vaginal hysterectomy, making cut through vagina to remove uterus, or the surgeon may go with laparoscopic hysterectomy. Laparoscopic surgery (A surgery using camera to visualize the organ being operated) itself is has three further types. Either it is a simple laparoscopic surgery that means making small cuts in belly and removing uterus. Or it is a vaginal laparoscopic surgery, meaning using the procedure of…

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  • Media In The Presence

    physical and social environments). Presence is further described by Matthew Lombard and Theresa Ditton as “an illusion that a mediated experience is not mediated. “Today, it often considers the effect that people experience when they interact with a computer-mediated or computer-generated environment. The conceptualization of presence borrows from multiple fields including communication, computer science, psychology, science, engineering, philosophy, and the arts. The concept of presence…

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  • Essay On Advanced Teletrauma

    care is due to a lack or limited amount of resources available to those who are not in an urban area. Another factor that plays into the difference of care between these areas is the lack of specialists or trained personnel available at the remote hospital. Trauma patients need immediate care, as their first hour is the most critical. Advancing Telemedicine technology is the solution to reducing deaths and long-term injuries to trauma patients. Before telemedicine, physicians would contact…

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  • Robotics: The Meaning Of Robots

    its hardware, wires and other little things that make robots or those mechanical moving machines (TEE. , para 5). Robots or most robotic machines are made of working metal, mechanical engineering, and electrical motors (TEE. , para 2). There are a couple of methods when controlling robots. There is two well known hardware’s for robotics which are the teleoperation and teleprence (RSO., para 3). The difference in between both of them is that teleoperation is where someone controls the machine…

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  • Horror Games: The Need For Presence

    presence or telepresence - 'a sense of being present in a remote environment ' (Held and Durlach, 1992) - helps to achieve the desired response. Many scholars have proven that a ‘Need for presence’, which is a tendency to enjoy experiencing presence, is a key element of the gameplay (Dalisay et al., 2012, p.3). Depending on how well presence is created by the media, it can…

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