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  • Television And Film Analysis

    Television and film has become a reflection of western society and its culture through the influences and demands of the audience. More specifically, television had become a medium where viewers get to escape reality; it is a representation, a cartoon, and a caricature of westernized culture. We have allowed television throughout the years to become the main depiction of what we value and idealize as a collective group. Conversations and opinions on social topics like race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation are stimulated by content created from past and present television shows. And in return, society influences television content on these same issues. This symbiotic relationship is a quintessential example of a reflection looking…

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  • Preston Vanderslice: Why Did You Become An Actor?

    I ended up choosing football (I grew up in Texas… for better or worse, you can practically smell the pigskin in the air☺); however, I found a very fun outlet in the off-season through a comedy troupe that I joined and stayed involved in until I graduated. After high school, I attended the University of Texas where I took classes in both their theatre and radio-television-film program. From there, I moved out to LA where I worked with a number of teachers and programs including The Upright…

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  • Modern Music Challenges

    through which one can present music. Some of these methods include writing music to accompany a visual or interactive component such as television or video games. Despite the number of opportunities for original music, the art of writing music to picture is a arduous craft in itself. The challenges can sway composers from entering the field, but the rewards are enough to justify the extended work days and elevated amounts of stress. Garry Schyman, a mixed media composer,…

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  • Technology In Language Arts Classroom

    Film was one of the first technologies used in the classroom. There were both commercial and non- commercial films used in the classroom. Commercial film was film that was mass produced for use in the classroom whereas noncommercial film are films that were not mass produced and created for the classroom. Film was considered a progressive technology and teachers who used it were considered innovative. Although, film was introduced in 1910’s- 1930’s was not often used because of its cost and…

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  • Act Of Violence

    Saving a Child from an Act of Violence Since the beginning of advancement in technology, children have begun to be less attracted to playing outside and more amused with their phones, tablets, and televisions. All though the advancements we have made in technology is exceptional, many people fail to see the effects that it has dawned on children. Not only are children these years less active, less interested in socializing, but they are being more and more exposed each day to violence.…

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  • How Does Violent Media Cause Aggression?

    Violent video games, violent films, all of these are thought to be a unnatural cause to aggression in young adults and children. The real question on this topic, is the studies done on the subject correct. The topic has been around since violent television and other violent viewings was introduced to this country. Are there any real supported studies that can prove that violent media leads to aggression in life? Violence is not a new issue, it has always been around in humanity. But claims state…

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  • The Impact Of The Internet And Smartphones

    Quester et al. (2014, pp.227) shows that Australians are embracing online technology in their homes, with the average person’s everyday viewing behaviour now involving multiple screens and various media including mobile phones, television, radio or print media as well as computers. As there are more access points to information and the Internet, more attention is drawn to trends and what is currently ‘popular.’ With the increased penetration of mobile phones and thus, the Internet in societies,…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Internet Television

    Internet television started out in 2007 as websites like Netflix and Hulu were created to provide television shows for convenient watching. However, since then it has become increasing popular, making it possible to watch almost every show on demand and on the go. Internet television is has been taking the world by storm for the last seven years but is it going to take over television as we know it? Not only are shows from well-known broadcasting channels available on these platforms, but also…

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  • Television's Negative Impact On American Culture

    The origins of television can also be traced to science. Television was a visual extension of a radio. The first attempts at commercial television emerged in 1925 in both the United States and England. By 1946, synthesis of four different designs led to a much better receiver. Televisions could be found in eight-thousand American homes in 1946, one million by 1949, ten million by 1951, and forty-five million- 90 percent of all homes- by 1960. In 1967, 95 percent of American homes consumed an…

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  • Youth Violence Increase

    it—that 's the way it is.” Mass media has definitely influence on how people view violence and deviant behavior. Some television shows obliterate or obscure the boundaries that society has created between good and evil, public and private, shame and pride; politicians and special interest groups deliberately lie to sell an image or a point of view, and as a result killing is sometimes portrayed as understandable and righteous when it advances a certain point of view on a controversial issue;…

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