How Does Violent Media Cause Aggression?

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Violent video games, violent films, all of these are thought to be a unnatural cause to aggression in young adults and children. The real question on this topic, is the studies done on the subject correct. The topic has been around since violent television and other violent viewings was introduced to this country. Are there any real supported studies that can prove that violent media leads to aggression in life? Violence is not a new issue, it has always been around in humanity. But claims state that violent media could be the cause to nearly half of the violence. Within the last 30 to 40 years, studies have been coming about to research relations around violent media and the violent behaviors between young adolescences and adults. Throughout …show more content…
However, there is insufficient evidence to wither this claim could be linked to criminal violence, or any sort of delinquent activities. For several years, scientists have been conducting research about violent video games, but have limited research projects about addressing the issue whether violent games actually lead to aggression. A researcher named Appelbaum said himself “What researchers need to do now is conduct studies about the actual effects of violent video games. Like delinquency and depression being linked to video games.” –Appelbaum. Recently, scientists and researchers have discovered that violent media consumption is a “casual risk factor.” There is too little evidence to back up the claim that violent media causes behavioral violence and other issues. The effects though of violent media is growing larger and larger by the passing years. Though violent video games are less extensive than studies on violent films, or other violent viewings on television. Video games has been more backed up with supporting evidence that it could be a leading cause to more violence than television or

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