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  • Narrative Essay About I Am Jewish

    To understand why certain things happened in my story must understand I am Jewish. For those who may or not in Judaism we have three pilgrimage holidays Passover, Sukkos, and shavous. In ancient time my ancestors would travel to the holy temple in jerusalem. Now this day all we have left of the Holy Temple is Western wall so we don 't a make a pilgrimage. My story takes place during the time of Passover which falls out in the spring about three years ago. Now passover just so you know is one of, if not our strictis holidays. My story starts when I came home for vacation and to celebrate the holidays with my family. My dad had told me that his mom was coming to us from Israel and he was her only child. Another thing is my grandmother…

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  • Topos Of Righteousness In The Bible

    righteousness. He expected the same of Israel within the covenant relationship (Hos. 10:12). Righteousness therefore becomes the authority by which God’s covenant relationship continues. Second Temple Authors used this topos in two distinct methods that…

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  • Psalm Analysis

    What, then, would be the occasion for composition? It can be agreed by most all scholars that this psalm existed during or for use in a festival. Whether it was for a singular, specific festival or for a regularly occurring festival is hard to establish. It could have been composed as a dedication of the second temple. More likely, however, is the idea that this psalm originated from a regularly occurring festival. This festival could be an enthronement festival, and autumnal festival, the…

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  • Short Story Of Jerilor

    abandoned on the doorstep of the Svastra temple before her first birthday. She barely remembered her parents; they were dark, shadowy ghosts, flickers of partial recognition in the back of her consciousness. After all, in Apitus, the capital had a luxurious temple, full of women who all prayed to the old gods, the gods of air, land, and sea, the slumbering, powerful beings that could destroy just as they could create. At the time, Niena sensed a comforting essence about the place, a security she…

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  • The Importance Of Tablets In Literature

    concerned the author in Jub. 3:10, the laws of which were still in force for the Second Temple reader since the Heavenly Tablets were still authoritative (Jub. 23:32). In Jub. 24:33 the author wrote of Isaac’s curse on the Philistines. The Second Temple reader learned that “it is written and engraved concerning him in the heavenly tablets to be done to him in the day of judgment” (24:33), creating a similar picture to curse tablets, which identifies various uses for Heavenly Tablets in this…

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  • Validity Of The Bible Essay

    sees God dwelling with man in the garden of Eden. In Exodus 29, due to the separation caused by the fall, God commands the construction of the tabernacle, saying “I will consecrate the tent of meeting and the alter ... I will dwell among the people of Israel and will be their God”(Exodus 29:45). 1 Kings 8:10 and 14 describes the shift from the tabernacle to the temple, before Ezekiel 10:18-19 details God’s leaving the temple due to Israel’s sin. It is also during this period that the temple of…

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  • History And History Of The Great Stupa Through India

    Art through India The excitement had been growing as I landed at the airport in Mumbai, India. I would to get see new sights, experience new culture and learn where my roots had originated. As I left the airport I was culture shocked by what I was witnessing. The sceneries, the people, the environment was so different from what I had been use too. The architecture had been ancient and had so much meaning. The temples or known as mandir’s carried sacred meaning. My experience with the different…

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  • Zechariah As A Postexilic Prophet In The Bible

    The name “Zechariah” means “the Lord (Jehovah) remembers.” In the Old Testament this name is used over twenty-nine times. Zechariah was a postexilic prophet during the restoration from Babylon. He was born in Babylon from a priestly family that returned to Jerusalem with some 50,000 other exiles. Like Jeremiah and Ezekiel he was both prophet and priest. Jewish tradition credits him with being one of the Great Synagogue, a body which is thought to have gathered and preserved the sacred writings…

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  • Second Temple Essay

    The rebuilding of the Jews Second Temple inspired by God through Zerubbabel, Ezra and Nehemiah during the Persian period (as a consequence of the destruction of the First Temple by the Babylonian empire), starting in 537 B.C. finishing with his destruction in A.D. 70; marked the beginning of Israel return after 70 years of exile to Jerusalem. Meanwhile, a few years before, the Israelites wandered through the wilderness for 40 years after being free from 400 years of slavery by God. He instructed…

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  • The Understanding Of Ornament In The Italian Renaissance: Book Analysis

    With Saul in particular, we have typology of the Antichrist and Christ side-by-side. Scripture says, “The women sang as they played, and said, ‘Saul has slain his thousands, And David his ten thousands.’” (1 Sam. 8:7) David here is a type of Christ who would later have His own triumphal entry into Jerusalem, riding on a donkey. (John 12:14-15) The foremost and consummate antichrist type in the Bible is Antiochus Epiphanes. In the book, “The Understanding of Ornament in the Italian Renaissance”,…

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