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  • Qihoo 360 Case Study

    Anti-Virus, Kingsoft Antivirus, and Kaspersky were 10.4%, 8.5%, and 3.5%, respectively. Consequently, Kingsoft and Rising announced that all their security products would be free of charge. However, the move did not turn around the situation. In March 2012, the monthly unique users of 360 accounted for 82.2% of the market, leaving only 9.7% to Rising and 18.3% to Kingsoft.1 2012-09-1-242-1 3 Qihoo 360 360 Safe Browser: Initial Business Model In May 2008, Qihoo launched 360 Safe Browser and entered the new segment of web browsers. In China, due to the widespread installation of Windows, Internet Explorer (IE) the browser embedded in Windows, had consistently been the preferred browser with monthly unique users over 95%. Maxthon, Tencent TT and Firefox were other popular browsers, with monthly unique user shares of 23.96%, 12.98% and 10.79% respectively in May 2008. Qihoo tied the positioning of its browser to the concept of security. According to Zhou, “Security is a very important issue for web browsers. A lot of malicious websites send Trojans or virus to a user’s computer through clicking on certain links. In fact, web browsers are a source of insecurity, as cleaning up viruses afterwards is not the best strategy. Therefore, we developed a safe browser, which blocks unsafe contents from the entrance.” Lacking experience in the browser business, Qihoo decided to work with Phoenix Studio, which had been working in this area for 5-6 years. The partnership created…

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  • Tencent Games Case Study

    Table 3. QQ Speed’s real time online players in the year of 2009 [Tc Internal Database, 2016]. Regarding employees, no matter current workers or further potential applicants, some of them may reconsider whether working for this company is a wise choice. If Tencent Games cannot deal with its public relations problem properly, it may lose some of its further applications, even current employees. This may lead to a worse problem in which Tencent will lose many talented people in many domains such…

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  • The Importance Of Knowledge Management Through Social Media

    people of knowledge discovery (Kumar and Kaushik, 2013). Tencent knowledge management through social media can be summarized as follows: Firstly, the discovery of knowledge through imitation and innovation. Secondly, tracking the international forefront of knowledge discovery. To discover the latest knowledge and information of international information industry, in 2002, Tencent set up offices in the United States (Tencent, 2009). One of the important functions is a weekly trend report to…

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  • The Importance Of My Disney Experience

    We propose to create an interactive application that would act as a medium between Disney Shanghai and a group or an individual. Currently Disney has a great application “My Disney Experience” that helps to promote its parks and plan a fun vacation(“Walt Disney World Resort”). It is imperative to have a partnership with China’s largest social media provider “QQ” to create an experience like no other. QQ as an oldest social networking platform in china with reported 896 million users monthly…

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  • Personal Privacy: How Internet Affects Communication

    In addition, the internet improves communication. As the internet spread across all over the world, it is possible for us to communicate with each other online (Scmp, 2010). With the emergence of instant messaging and video conferencing, it is obvious that there were no barriers for us to communicate through the internet (Scmp, 2010). Many apps also improve communication. For example, we can use What’s app, Lines, Snapchat, Tencent QQ and Wechat to contact our friends regardless of the…

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