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  • Communication In John Miller's Tender Offer, A Drama Play

    Tender Offer Tender Offer is a drama play about a relationship between a father, Paul and his daughter, Lisa. The dialogue tackles a dangerous phenomenon in most families in the US, which is communication. At the very beginning of the dialogue between the two, Paul is trying to be friendly with Lisa and joke around in an attempt to make up for recital that he missed days ago. He also seems very absorbed in his business and work, thus never gives enough time to his daughter. This play allows the characters to express their feelings and thoughts about each other. As a result, enormous changes take place within the characters. The profound theme of the play underlines a specific issue…

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  • Bitcoin Research Paper

    traditional payment systems, Bitcoin has its own metric for value called a bitcoin [1]. It is classified as property versus currency according to the IRS [2]. The value of a bitcoin is determined mainly from its use for making payments in the Bitcoin system, and from the purpose of accruing gains from bitcoins’ possible appreciation [1]. Only a certain number of Bitcoins will ever be created [1]-[5]. Bitcoin can be thought of as the gold of the internet. The value of it varies based upon the…

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  • Difference Between Unilateral Offer And Invitation To Treat

    Introduction Offer is the first step if you want to constitute a contract. Without offer there is no acceptance and without acceptance there is no contract. There are two main types of offers, which are, the bilateral offer and the unilateral offer. A bilateral offer is an offer given to a specific audience and it targets a specific group or party. While, on the other hand, a unilateral offer is an offer proposed to the public in general and is accepted through conduct or performance. From a…

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  • Ellie And Hasla Case Study

    In such a scenario it may be seen that Bemo is the offeror – he is offering to withdraw from the group and Ellie would be the offeree, as it is her that Bemo must communicate his revocation before her purchase of the lottery tickets. The fact that Ellie checked her email only the day after is of paramount importance, because it suggests that Bemo’s attempt to contact her to inform her of his withdrawal was futile. In addition to this, it does not matter that Bemo attempted to destroy his own…

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  • The Case Of Gibson Vs. Storer V Manchester City Council

    The language and conduct of the Manchester City Council was objectively scrutinized in each case and found that there was intention to be bound in the Storer case however there was no intention to be bound in the Gibson case, Poole (2012). This can be applied in the scenario here, the language must be objectively scrutinized as this may affect whether Gary was issuing a counter-offer or a mere request for further information. This is critical as a counter offer voids the original offer in its…

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  • Why Are Some Vulnerabilities Unavoidable?

    McNamee, David Week 3 Chapter 4 Assignment 1. Why are some risks acceptable? As stated in the supplemental article, some form of risk will always be present and unavoidable. As stated in the article, natural disasters and hardware failure are unavoidable and therefore acceptable. It must be understood that risk can be mitigated but not eliminated. Another example that might be used is driving your car. Your car may break down or you may get into an accident, there is no way of knowing, this is…

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  • Good Faith In Business Law Essay

    Contract is an agreement between two or more parties that is indented to be legally enforceable. A contract can be in writing or made orally and can be entered into by signing a document, agreeing to something on the telephone or clicking on ‘I agree’ on a web page. There is a distinction between B2B (also know as, business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) contracts. In its simplest form, B2B refers to transections between two businesses where both the buyer and the seller are…

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  • Postal Rule: One Of The Rules Of Contract Law

    a legal binding contract as the acceptance match with the offer. It is an enforceable contract due to reasons mentioned below. 4 elements of a contract The elements to create a legally binding contract are as follows; 1. Legal capacity – a person above 18 years of age and both parties cannot be intoxicated nor have any mental illness is able to make a contract. 2. Agreement – form from an offer and an acceptance. 3. Consideration – exchange of some value that has been agreed by two parties 4.…

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  • Evocation Essay

    In contract law, evocation means an offer is withdrawn by the offerer. The general rule was established in Payne v Cave that an offer can be revoked at any time before the communication of acceptance is complete. Nevertheless, once the offer is accepted by the offeree by post, specifically, letter, the postal rule would strictly apply and would not permit such withdrawal. Contrary, once the offer is accepted, it cannot be revoked or else, the it would be considered as a breach of contract.…

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  • Shanklin Pier V. Detel Products Ltd.

    he or she has not provided consideration. The counterargument recognizes that the doctrine of privity and that of consideration are conceptually distinct. The former determines the question of who may enforce a contract, while the latter determines which promise may be enforced. There is a valid contract if consideration has been paid, albeit by the promise rather than the third party. The fact that there has been consideration means that the third party can potentially acquire rights under the…

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