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  • The Titans Essay

    The Titans may be one of the most powerful group of Greek hero’s, not only coming from the Golden Age, but any time period. That is exactly what the name means, “They were immortal giants of incredible strength and knowledge of old religion rituals and magic”. They were also known as the Elder Gods and came from Mount Othrys (“The Titans”, 2016). So why not name a football team the Titans? Whether it is a professional, college, high school or any level of competition having an intimidating name is quite scary. It starts back in 1969 when the American Football League and the National Football League merged as one. Having 26 teams in two different conferences, the Houston Oilers were a part of the AFL, now known as the AFC. Before 1969, the…

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  • Titan Project: The Atmosphere Of Titan

    Titan Project-Atmosphere As we discover much more about information of Titan, we gradually completely agree with that Atmosphere of Titan is different, special, and mysterious. Above all, scientists are willing to put their all attentions to study this unknown atmosphere of Titan. This is also a same way that our groups plan to make some missions and built a spacecraft with plenty of instruments, which can send exactly data back to Earth. Hopefully, each instrument really works each other and…

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  • Reoccurring Themes In Greek Mythology

    Throughout mythology there are reoccurring themes including great battles and strange birth stories. I relate to these themes because I have had experiences in my life that mimic those of the Gods in myth. A well-known battle in Greek mythology is the Titanomachy, a 10 year war between the Titans and the Olympians. I watched my cousin fight her own battle, against cancer. Greek myth always includes a unique tale of birth. A perfect example is the story of Zeus. Zeus’ father Cronus ate all of…

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  • Essay On Titan

    Titan was discovered by Dutch scientist Christiaan Huygens in 1665. Huygens was born in 1629 to a wealthy Dutch family. As a boy Huygens showed great promise in mathematics and in 1645 enrolled the University of Leiden. After discovering the law of refraction, Huygens developed a new telescope and began to study Saturn’s rings in 1655. Ten years later he discovered a large object on Saturn’s outer ring, which he dubbed Titan. Though Huygens died in 1695 his legacy endures as Titan stands as a…

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  • Martin Luther King Assassination Essay

    In 1968 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated by James Earl Ray supposedly. James Earl Ray was a petty thief that had an arrest record stemming from 1949 until 1968. James Earl Ray was sentenced to the Missouri State Penitentiary in 1960 to serve a twenty year sentence. He had a rap sheet for petty crimes but was he capable of murdering someone? James escaped from the Missouri State Penitentiary in 1967 and was on the loose for over eleven months. The story was told that James Earl Ray…

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  • Individualism And Individuality In The 1920s

    progressive thought in the twenties. Sanger’s birth control clinic was shut down and Sanger was forced to disassociate herself from her biggest supporters, the Socialists, for fear of being labeled a Communist. “America wanted prosperity, not progressivism,” (Henretta 662) and this was certainly a change from the previous era of reform that promoted individuality. In Tennessee, the Scopes trial is another example of progressive ideas being put out in favor of more traditional, conformist ones.…

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  • Family Behavior Therapy

    silenced by neglect a greater voice. 1. Boys & Girls Club of Middle Tennessee https://www.bgcmt.org/index 1704 Charlotte Ave. Suite 200, Nashville, TN 37203. Phone: 615-833-2368 The Boys & Girls Club of Middle Tennessee offers an Academic Success program that would be beneficial for Mya. Project Learn, which is under Academic success, will help Mya by giving her tutoring, writing activities and even educational games to improve her cognitive functioning. This would also help her with her…

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  • Essay On Society Is Nurturing

    Society is Nurturing In society today, everyone is taught to be yourself and others should not judge one another. This is true throughout the country, people will be who they are, but the problem is that people are still judging others and that is a natural occurrence. Everybody just wants to be themselves and that’s who they are going to be. This is a case of nurturing because everybody is born and the way they are raised and developed impacts their future. This action starts at a young age…

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  • Essay On Why College Is Stressful

    computer screen. These classes aren’t going to help me with a degree in business and have nothing to do with business. In fact, I haven’t learned one thing that is going to help me in my chosen career path of business. It scares me that I have learned nothing so far in college that is going to help me for my future career. I have this friend who I have tension with. I’ve known her for six years. We used to be best friends, but we’ve grown apart and I keep my distance from her, because I don’t…

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  • Essay On Military Career

    Military, a person who is serving for their country in some way, is a career I wish to pursue because, Military will pay for my college so I will be getting a good education, I will get to travel places I have never been to, and I will obtain a good salary. I have family members that are serving for our country. When one of my family comes home, he knows that I have been interested in going into the service since he started coming home and talking about it. In the military I want to be a…

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