Titan Project: The Atmosphere Of Titan

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Titan Project-Atmosphere

As we discover much more about information of Titan, we gradually completely agree with that Atmosphere of Titan is different, special, and mysterious. Above all, scientists are willing to put their all attentions to study this unknown atmosphere of Titan. This is also a same way that our groups plan to make some missions and built a spacecraft with plenty of instruments, which can send exactly data back to Earth. Hopefully, each instrument really works each other and helps us to reveal mysterious veiling of Titan.
Before we introduce the mission, we would like to share much basic knowledge about Titan’s atmosphere that can help us to understand better.
Currently, a fact we have already known about Titan, which
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It sounds too funny, we study in the atmosphere of Titan, but we still decide to use lander. According to the different layers of atmosphere, we need to know and understand the each layer’s compositions. Therefore, we start to work on the lander because lander can go down through the whole atmospheric layers and land on the surface of Titan for collecting evidence, which can help us to find weather the origin of methane comes from the underground or not.
In January 2005, the Huygens probe landed on Titan. It is a good successful example to land on Titan and it also transmitted the data back to Earth before its batteries died. Scientists got some information about its atmosphere, weather, temperature, pressure, density, methane sources and surface. We believe that the Stationary Lander could study more details about Titan. The Lander should last for couples of months then it could transmit more data back to the Earth. If it could drilling below the surface and look for some more data down the surface, then we might learn more Titan 's
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Because some of atmosphere could come from the cryovolcansim as the icy volcanoes erupts. For this probability, Surface-imaging camera should be able to give us many very clear pictures about the gases from the volcanoes’ eruption. By the way, Surface-imaging camera also can observe the sky of Titan. The pictures of Titan’s atmosphere are colorful and blurry a bit. The colorful atmosphere shows that chemical progressing should react strongly. The good explaining on the book, The Cosmic Perspective, is that, “Solar ultraviolet light breaks down some of these molecules, releasing hydrogen carbon and nitrogen. The hydrogen atoms can leave Titan forever by thermal escape, while the remaining molecular fragment can react to make the other ingredients of Titan’s atmosphere.” (The Cosmic Perspective) Because methane and nitrogen are greenhouse gases, both of gases are able to produce the greenhouse effect. Therefore, the atmosphere of Titan supposes to have layers. Some of recycling of nitrogen and methane in upper atmosphere create smog hood surround Titan that is orange color. That is the reason that we see some pictures about Titan that is so colorful. Cassini images that the high-altitude haze layer covers the north polar region of

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