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  • Tennis Court Observation

    Tluangneh This past week, I observed myself in two different scenarios – at a church and at a tennis court. These two situations required me to differentiate my actions based on each particular setting. The setting of the church contains 500 church pews in a low dim light with various band instruments on the altar. The large room is also filled with flower decors and elegant accents. The front setting of the second scenario mainly comprised with blue tennis courts in the middle of a park, kids playing on the playground nearby, and the smell of freshly cut grass. During church, it is a courteous act to not disturb the peace; therefore, I mainly kept it to myself and stayed quiet. The mask that I was wearing reflected in my surrounding. Because I was surrounded by an attentive audience with passionate…

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  • Bobbie Rosenfeld Influence On Women

    the world who wanted to become athletes. She was, compassionate, dedicated, and most of all she was hard working. Rosenfeld was a role model on and off of the field, ice, court, and track. She helped women believe in themselves and their abilities, so they could show the men and others that didn’t believe in their skills, they deserved to be treated equally. Bobbie Rosenfeld was compassionate about a ton of things, but to her, there was nothing like sports. Lacrosse, Softball, Ice hockey,…

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  • David Sandoval Analysis

    Anthropology Paper Introduction When I started playing tennis 7 years ago, I met David Sandoval who was one of the coaches that worked the junior development at Tennis West. He later became my personal coach and made me the player I am today. He has an extensive Tennis background and has been playing since the age of 8. I interviewed him where he explained his rituals that he does before and during matches. Some of those rituals he passed on to me but I also made some of my own. During the…

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  • How To Play Tennis

    All it took for my friends to lure me into tennis was to suggest that I join the team with them sophomore year. At first it started out as something to do with my friends, but soon became a hobby and passion of mine as I learned more about the game. Tennis is a sport that involves two players hitting a ball back and forth across a net to each other using a racquet. It may sound simple, but decades have passed since the game was created and has given people time to turn the game into a highly…

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  • Girls Varsity Tennis Team Analysis

    My most significant leadership experience would be when I was in the Girls Varsity Tennis Team. I had been in the tennis team during my highschool years, for 2 years. During that time I learned a lot about being a leader, such as what it means to lead others, and what qualities a leader should have. When I first started playing tennis I started at the position on 2nd doubles, to me I took it as that I was not good enough to play against an opponent by myself on the court. Which was entirely…

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  • Personal Narrative: Wakeland High School Tennis Team

    It is the morning before all of the Frisco Independent School District Highs School tennis teams compete in the final face off to see who will be the best in singles and doubles. The weather is nice and it will quickly rise to the mid-90s meaning it will be warm but a perfect day to play the match of the year. I cannot wait to get to school to see my teammates and play my final match for Wakeland High School Tennis team. I have been preparing for this match for seven years, without realizing the…

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  • Reflection Paper On Soft Tennis

    and I won our very first game in soft tennis. For the last point, I was able to score an ace. An ace is a winning serve that the server’s opponents never touches the ball with their racket. Therefore, the server earns a point, while the opponent loses it. This last point was crucial because it led us to victory. The excitement that I felt on that day is palpable. Ending the match with such a great impact is really memorable and a thrilling experience for me. I have played soft tennis for one…

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  • How Prom Changed My Life

    He was also a freshman when we met. He was a star tennis player whose grades were on the fence. His coach pushed him to get a tutor before the season and that’s where I came in. As the top student of the freshman class, I was automatically enrolled as his tutor. After winter break, he started coming over my house to do his homework with me. I would help him with nearly every subject, helping him study and finish assignments. While it could be annoying at times, it was still a lot of fun. …

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  • Reading The Catsuit: Serena Williams And The Game Changer In Tennis

    white identity in women’s tennis. She has pushed the boundaries not only in tennis, but also throughout women’s sports with her masculine physique and her extraordinary abilities on the tennis court. Serena Williams should be noticed more for her game and the achievements she has gotten throughout her career and not just because of her gender, ethnicity, or the way she chooses to present herself. Her hard-work should be recognized as a game changer in tennis and people should appreciate that. As…

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  • Maria Sharapova Essay

    wasn’t a toy or television character; it was a tennis player by the name of Maria Sharapova. To understand my––for lack of a better word––obsession, let’s set the scene. It’s been approximately a year since my mother and I moved to the United States. It’s the first week of school and I still have no idea what I’m doing. With my flawed English and lunchbox in hand, I make my way back home from the bus stop after a tough day of first grade math. I walk into my parents’ apartment to the biggest…

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