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  • A Comparison Of T. S. Eliot's The Waste Land

    In Eliot’s “The Waste Land” there are no fruitful or happy marriages. Similarly Queen Procne and King Tereus’s have a fruitless marriage because there is no love or connection between the two. Likewise Philomela is raped and does not become pregnant this is another example of unfruitfulness in the Philomela story. In the Philomela story the marriage between Procne and Tereus is an unhappy one because it was never blessed by the wedding Gods; Juno, Hymenaeus, and the Graces do not attend the wedding. All of the marriages in “The Waste Land” are characterized by this same fruitlessness since God has not blessed them, because he does not exist. In “The Waste Land” Eliot next introduces us to a lower class woman, we can tell by how she speaks, who is talking to her friend Lil. Lil has recently had an abortion, which has made her look terrible. The woman is talking about how Lil will lose her husband is she doesn’t soon do something about her appearance. She explains that they have no money and this is why she had to abort her last child. This story told by Eliot in the wasteland echo’s the themes in the myth about…

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  • What Role Did Philomela Play In Greek Mythology

    Philomel Philomela was a the Princess of Athens and daughter of Pandion. Pandion was king of Athens. She was minor figure in Greek mythology. The Pandion had two daughter one is Philomela and other is Procne. Procne married Tereus. Tereus was king of Thrace. She went to live with him in Thrace. After five year, Procne wanted to see her sister Philomela. Thrace agreed, so he go to Athens for bring Philomela. Tereus see Philomela. Philomela is so beautiful that he raped her. Then he cut her tongue…

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  • Theme Of Love In Ovid's Metamorphosis

    abuse. The story of Tereus and Philomela is a tragedy of forced affection resulting in mutilation, betrayal of a spouse, and lustful actions. Tereus lusts for Procne’s, his wife, sister and decides that he is going to get what he wants when all three of them arrive in Thrace. Succeeding the overwhelming sexual acts Tereus had planned Ovid explains the pain Philomela current felt, “ And after he was done with her, she shuddered like a young lamb, broken by an old grey wolf and flung aside, who…

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  • Theme Of Lust In Metamorphoses

    found multiple times, including Juno’s revenge on Io and Procne’s retaliation towards Tereus. Another variety is the hunger for power and possessions, demonstrated in Ajax and Ulysses’s arguments for the Armor of Achilles. The libido for a person is seen in the stories of Echo and…

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  • Animals In Ovid's Metamorphoses

    its inhabitants as a food source. Being able to change from human to animal allows the person to see the importance and roles of other living beings besides humans. Each animal has a niche in its environment and without a species the whole environment would collapse. The story of Tereus, Procne, and Philomela explains the creation of the many bird species. In ancient roman society birds were considered pets or food, however, the eagle or birds of prey were regarded as birds of a higher…

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  • Aristophanes Birds

    Aristophanes' Birds is a comical play that was preformed in the Dionysian festival in 414 BCE. This comedy does not follow the same usual trend of using comedy to address serious political issues that can be seen in the majority of the works that we have of Aristophanes. The play starts with two older Athenians, Euelpides and Pisthetaerus, who are discouraged with the state of Athens and its people. Instead of these two looking to change the old and corrupt Athens they want to start a new life…

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  • Violence In Titus Andronicus

    This essay will aim to explore the ways in which themes of societal breakdown and honour are defined through violence in both Ovid’s The Tale of Philomela and Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus . Violence is not used here as a single broad term, for in both texts there is clear delineation between masculine and feminine violence, and again between honourable and dishonourable violence. To quote Jessica Lugo, “Shakespeare’s Ovidian precursor delivers a tale of gore that develops the themes of…

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  • Summary Of Women's Work By Elizabeth Wayland Barber

    could claim his or her fair share. Stone Age people also recorded numbers by tying knots in cords. "Talking cords" were lengths of vine, rope, or leather. Each knot in the cord represented a number. Imagine a shepherd counting sheep by tying a knot each time one animal passed by. Maybe the shepherd devised a system of counting by twos or threes, tying a knot for every two or three sheep that passed by” (The Stone Age). The most intriguing portion of the book is a chapter called “Behind the…

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  • Love Song Of J Alfred Prufrock Analysis

    Sweeney’s fragmented story is hinted at in other poems of Eliot’s. In this poem though, Sweeney is portrayed as having slain a prostitute in the tub because he had grown tired of her pestering. The title is an allusion because another word for nightingales is philomel, which derives from another greek story of Philomela. Philomela saw her brother, Tereus, committing a horrible crime and to keep her from revealing him, he cut out her tongue. However, Philomela and her sister made a tapestry…

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  • Allusions In The Waste Land

    Philomel was subjected to intense sexual violence by her sister’s husband, Tereus, however, Philomel is able to transform herself into a nightingale and escape the torment of her abusers. In the poem, Eliot is referencing the painting of the Philomel scene in Ovid’s Metamorphoses, which hangs above the mantel in the room of a woman who seems to be of high wealth and status. The transformation of Philomel is critical to Eliot’s comment on the turbulent state of modernity, when Philomel transforms…

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