Terra nullius

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  • How Did Mabo Treat The Australian Indigenous People

    He could see the injustice the indigenous people were facing. He was very passionate about this issue and wanted the Aboriginal people to be recognised for their land rights. He was particularly fighting for the land rights of the Merriam people which are a group of people in the Torre Strait Islands who share the same beliefs and language and is where Eddie Mabo grew up. The existing law at the time of Eddie Mabos beginning campaign was based on the principal of terra nullius meaning empty land. Meaning that Australia was officially considered an empty land prior to European Settlement. This meant for the Aboriginals that they had no property rights even though they were living on this land for thousands of years, according to Australia law they did not own their…

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  • Terra Nullius Legal Case Study

    When the British decided to migrate to Australia they had a precise idea that no one had taken ownership on the land that they had settled on and therefore declared the land Terra Nullius which means that the land did not belong to anyone. But in fact it did and there were already people who had claimed ownership of the land and were already living and breeding, through there own culture and ways on the estate, they were the aboriginal people. One of the major issues regarding Terra Nullius came…

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  • How Does Terra Nullius Affect Australian Identity

    When Australia was first founded, the constitution for the commonwealth was drafted in the spirit of “Terra Nullius”. The Latin term “Terra Nullius” translates to ‘land that belongs to no-one’ , meaning that the British settlers who came to Australia acted as if the Aboriginal people were not even there. These settlers fought and took the land from the Indigenous people of Australia. The idea and myth of terra nullius has had a large impact on Australian identity. Mainly it was to instill a…

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  • Australia National Identity

    another. Australia, with its Aboriginal heritage and the past of being a part of Britain and is now labelled as multicultural, may have suffered from an identity crisis. Hence, by examining the myth of Terra Nullius and the Indigenous’ continuing struggles for land right recognition, this…

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  • Mabo Case Study

    The Mabo Decision was the result of Eddie Koiki Mabo 's efforts to campaign for Aboriginal civil and land rights, a response to the discrimination Aboriginal communities have been subjected to in their own land, beginning from the arrival of the First Fleet and continuing to the present day despite numerous efforts. Prior to Mabo, the policies of Terra Nullius and Crown Land were seen as an unfair violation, and no representatives from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community decided…

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  • Difference Between Charles Perkins And Eddie Mabo

    When Australia was discovered it did not have any legal ownership over it so by British law (the law of Terra Nullius) it could be overtaken, but the only problem was that the land was occupied by Aboriginal people before the invasion. The Aboriginal people did not claim the land as their own because they believed they were equal with the earth. The land was very important to the Aboriginals as they have a deep spiritual connection with the land and it was the main source of life. The aboriginal…

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  • Hotel Bone Poem Analysis

    Q. 1 Write about 3 lines for each of the following about the significance for Indigenous Land Rights in Australia: (a) “Terra nullius” Terra Nullius means that land without. When Captain Cook and his crew was in Australia , they decided the land was Terra Nullius. They acknowledge Indigenous people because of their primitive life. The High Court's Mabo judgement overturned the Terra Nullius fiction in 1982. (b) Protective legislation Victoria enacted Aboriginal protection act. This act…

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  • The Mabo Decision Case Study

    A significant event for the civil rights of Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islander people was the Mabo Decision which occurred in 1982 and ended in 1992. The Mabo Decision a case for which Eddie Koiki Mabo fought for the tradition rights and ownership of the Island of Mer otherwise known as Murray Island. During 1788 Australia was claimed ‘Terra Nullius’ by the British and as a result all land that traditionally belonged to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders was taken away. Soon…

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  • Mabo V Queensland Case Study

    land rights including their ownership of land. A test case is a case that establishes new legal rights or principles. In this case, the concept of terra nullius was also challenged. Terra Nullius means ‘empty land’. The concept of terra nullius meant that Australia was an empty land before British settlement. This concept, therefore, suggested there is no ownership of this land by the aboriginals. A Torres Islander named Eddie Mabo was appalled once he discovered that he and his…

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  • Convicts In The 17th Century

    Most convicts in the 17th Century England consisted of thieves, murders or people who have committed moral crimes. Transportation to other colonies, including harsh labour was an integral part of the English and Irish systems of punishment. It was a way to deal with increased poverty. Simple larceny (Crime involving someone taking another person's personal property) , or robbery, could mean transportation for seven years. Compound larceny – stealing goods worth more than a shilling (about $50 in…

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