Territory of Hawaii

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  • The Importance Of Social Norms In Public Places

    personal territories formulated by social norms and other verbal and nonverbal notifications sent by others. The term “public,” specifically means areas where individuals have freedom of access, but not necessarily of action (Guerrero, DeVito & Hecht, 1999). In this paper, I will describe my observations of how various people established their personal territories in five different places: the library, the elevator, the café, the concert, and the children’s playing room. People are able to take over a piece of a public territory temporarily through…

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  • True Alpha Essay Examples

    Badass U Articles Summary True Alpha? True Alpha The word “alpha” has become very popular in the last decade or so when describing human social dynamics. But the definition of the term isn’t so clear. Most define it as being the leader of men (or women). Or, as some insecure douchebag who is excessively aggressive. And with the first definition, interestingly, people will look at wolves and gorillas to give examples of alphas in the wild. But there really are no alpha males there. Scientists…

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  • Frontier Of Possession Analysis

    The accountant of the conquest, and the making of what is today Latin America is a debatable subject in the field of humanities, especially in the field history. The most widespread approaches of this history are that of violence, war, oppression, possession of territories, and foundation of new colonies. In Frontier of Possessions, Tamar Herzog, a historian, professor of Latin American presents an account of the conquest from a different perspective, one that proposes that the acquisition of…

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  • Establishing Personal Territories

    Establishing Personal Territories In A Public Setting The understanding of social norms is one of the major formulations people use to keep society running in a respectful, safe, and proper way. In public settings people establish, maintain, and change their personal territories formulated by social norms and other verbal and nonverbal notifications sent by others. The term “public,” specifically means areas where individuals have freedom of access, but not necessary of action (Guerrero,…

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  • Kabyle Sociology

    we need to look at the sociology of immigration. The Sayad (1977) showed that the first two generations of Kabyle immigrants in France were strongly connected with their country of origin. The relation with the territory of Algeria, Kabylia and more specifically with the village of origin was mainly characterized by the hope and the project of the grand return (Sayad, 1977). This visceral link with the territory is particularly illustrated by the funeral rite of repatriating deceased bodies to…

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  • Essay On Buffleheads

    of the head tipped forward guarding his nesting territory. Sometimes done so by showing an aggressive wing flapping behavior. Head postures such as arching back and wing flapping is considered to impose a submissive body language by the male from losing a territorial battle. A mate guarding study was conducted by the Public Research University located in Quebec Canada finding that mate guarding was a benefit to the nesting female by which territorial aggression protected her and her nest.…

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  • Hawaii Statehood

    Statehood of Hawaii “E ko makou Makua iloko o ka’lani, e hoa noia kou inoa. E hiki mai kou Aupuni: e Malamaia ma ka lani la. E haawi mai ia makou i keia la i ai no makou no neia la; e kala mai hoi ia makou i ka makou lawehala ana, me makou e kala nei i ka poe i lawehala i ka makou. Mai hoskuu oe ia makou i ka hoowalewaleia ma; e hoopakele no nae ia makou i kai no; no ka mea, nou ke Aupuni, a me ka mama, a me ka hoonaniia, a mau soa ake. Ameme.” (Smith, pg. 87) In 1900 the Hawaiian people…

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  • Frederick Turner The Significance Of The Frontier In American History Essay

    The period of American Imperialism between 1891 and 1916 improved not only American industrial growth, but the location of lands we acquired (such as Hawaii) gave us an advantage in world wars that proved to be critical. Many of the justifications given for this period of American Imperialism were reasonable and some were not. The idea of raw materials and new markets for American manufactured goods was an unrelenting force that took America out of its isolationist state, and for good reason. …

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  • Peripheralization In Hawaii

    enter weaker territories in order to gain control of the land and the people. They would exploit these lands in order to gain power and make economic advances. Some examples of colonization that are often thought of are the Spanish conquest of Southern America, British occupation in India, and Belgium 's control of the Congo. The United States is not above these economic and political strategies. There are many examples of American colonization; one of them being America 's exploitation of…

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  • Hawaii Persuasive Speech

    What are some of the first things you think of when you think of Hawaii? Do you think of hula dancers, palm trees, pineapples? I’m guessing you think of all of those things, plus some, but I bet you don't think of the alphabet! Hawaii’s alphabet was invented by missionaries long ago, it includes all five vowels, plus the letters h,k,l,m,n,p, and w, that's only 12 letters! But that's not all, there is so much more to learn about this amazing eight island chain. Now you’re probably wondering, well…

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