Terra nullius

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  • The Pros And Cons Of My Lai And The Vietnam War

    During the Victorian Era, classification of individuals was based on ethnography and physical appearance. If you were not perceived as being a European, then you belong to the so-called “other” group which mostly consisted of native people or people of colour. The concept of othering emerged, arguably, when Europeans came into direct contact with Indigenous people of North America. The visible difference in appearance and dialogue led to perceiving natives as being different. The language around…

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  • Aboriginal And Strait Islander People Case Study

    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are today acknowledged as the owners and custodians of this land we call home, but unfortunately, they have experienced situations that have completely disregarded their basic human rights before they received their rightful title. This essay will look at the history/ background of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in regards to their rights within Australia, analyse certain ethical issues that have occurred when dealing with their rights,…

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  • Acknowledgement To Country Assignment

    Topic 1- Acknowledgment to Country and Indigenous Terms of Reference. Acknowledgement to Country is a statement that can be performed in both a formal or informal manner that recognises and respects the traditional landowners of this country and in particular the local region. It can be performed by a non Indigenous person and is delivered before a meeting, speech or formal occasion like a school assembly for example. (QLD Department of Education Training, 2015). This is an important protocol…

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  • An Analysis Of Sacrifice In Thomas King's Green Grass, Running Water

    There is a Western myth that the Aztecs used to sacrifice a person every day so that the sun would continue to rise on the morn. Whether or not this explanation for Aztec sacrifice is true or not is not something to be taken up here, but it does serve to analogize the ways in which Native lives and worldviews are sacrificed every day for the Western Settler world to see the new dawn. The violence of sacrifice is intricate, it is religious, it is beyond words, but, most importantly, it defines…

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  • La Frontera By Gloria Anzaldúa Analysis

    In Gloria Anzaldúa’s Borderlands/La Frontera, the question of home is always close at hand. Questions such as what does it mean to be home and what is a home are constantly circulating throughout the text and tend to haunt the Mestiza body as a raced, foreign, and oriental body. She writes that “…in leaving home I did not lose touch with my origins because lo mexicano [emphasis original] is in my system. I am a turtle, wherever I go I carry ‘home’ on my back.” This is a crucial interjection…

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  • Cultural Experience Essay

    It 's a necessity to draw a connection to the past and present, not only when discussing our own history and culture but the culture of the Indigenous people who were here before us. The reason for this is that not only if we understand their culture can we, as a species, improve, but it 'll also give us a firm understanding of a culture that was severely damaged by years of prejudice and hate, looking at this is something that will allow us a species to move forward. The site I chose to visit…

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  • RE Assessment: Kanyini Questions

    Year 10 RE Assessment: Kanyini Questions Part A (Answer all 4 questions) – 8 marks 1. Describe the landscape around Uluru The land around Uluru is surrounded by areas with little vegetation and no tall vegetation. The main vegetation around Uluru are shrubs. The area is hot, sandy, rocky desert. 2. How does Bob Randall explain his people’s connection with the land? Bob Randall explains his people’s connection with the land as everything being one. He explains that his people are one with the…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Indigenous Australians

    Australia is a multicultural society with 2.5% identified as Indigenous (ABS, 2012). When Europeans colonized Australia in 1788 they called it ‘terra nullius’, which means empty land. The Indigenous Australians were denied any legal claims to the land and classified as part of the fauna. They had to deal with disease, violence, forced relocations and their children were taken and adopted out to white families. It took until 1967 to be recognized as citizens and receive the right to vote.…

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  • Film Analysis: Rabbit-Proof Fence

    To either Australians or a public less familiar with Australia’s history and culture or, Rabbit-Proof Fence by Philip Noyce (2002) is considered an excellent source to know about the ‘Stolen Generations’, an important chapter in Australian contemporary history. Premiering in a context in which there were increasing voices calling for the reconciliation with the Aboriginal community, the movie was a key landmark in this movement (Martin, 2002). Contrasting to frequent stereotypes in the artistic…

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