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  • Professional Wrestling Themes

    Blaustein entertained himself with professional wrestling, traveling across the country to film would-be grapplers on their way up. The film also includes former superstars on the skids and legends on their way out. Blaustein’s film is sincere; everything else is up for grabs. Blaustein leaves the footage to draw conclusions and assign significance, always returning to his own question: What kind of man makes a living running another man 's head against a turnbuckle? All kinds, the film argues, although it certainly helps if we are large and enjoy yelling and dressing up in ridiculous outfits. Blaustein films the wrestlers: as men coping, or not, with life and the wrestling ring. Terry Funk prays at his daughter 's wedding and, a few scenes later, with blood streaming from his face at a match. Terry Funk had purposely lost his last match, bids farewell to the crowd. But who are these guys? "Of all the guys I met," As Blaustein says, " Mick Foley seemed to be the most normal." The most compelling character is Jake Roberts, a crack user who has survived a chilling family legacy of rape and murder only to raise a daughter he does not see for years at a time. The camera captures a remarkable reunion between father and daughter that could have been scripted for a Lifetime movie of the week, except that it is sadly authentic. The paternal disconnect of another order characterizes Mick Foley as he subjects his wife and two small children to witnessing a match in which his head is…

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  • Visual Analysis: Judgement Day By Black Gabriel

    Judgement Day Visual Analysis Annually, people become educated about the final days on earth and what will take place. On the final days, God will destroy the earth, create a paradise for those who are faithful to him and punish those who were unfaithful or unenlightened of his will. The judgement will include adults, teenagers, toddlers and infants. Unfortunately, there are many people that are unaware of their religious status within themselves and with God. Our society is covered with…

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  • Theoretical Analysis Of The Song 'Glory' By John Legend

    Student's Name Instructor's Name Course Date Tune-Up The song named “Glory” is an inspiring production by Common and his colleague John Legend. John is a famous American singer who has had other releases. Common is known as a rapper while John Legend is a songwriter. The song is a single from the album Selma. Selma refers to a movie documenting the history of events in the 1965 era. At that time, there was a protest march from Selma to Montgomery which led by Dr. Martin…

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  • The Influence Of Hip Hop Culture

    Hip Hop music is arguably the most popular genre of music in modern America. Hip Hop has reached such a huge level that it can not be only defined as a form of music but it should defined as a culture. It is a culture that began throughout the youth of African-Americans in the late 20th century. It began in the inner-cities of New York and it shaped into a culture that allowed the youth of the inner-cities throughout the nation to express themselves and allow them a place in society. Hip Hop…

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  • Where The Wild Things Are Analysis

    Elizabeth Ross is the owner of a dance company in Birmingham called DANCEe. Last year, she choreographed a performance based on the storybook Where The Wild Things Are. This performance was a combination of contemporary “modern” dance and hip-hop. Both of these styles are very misunderstood, and many people do not consider them as actual dance. Both styles are legitimate art. They have a lot of hard work put into them, and can bring you some type of enjoyment. That enjoyment can be emotional or…

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  • Personal Narrative: Moving To The US

    When I was 12 years old, my father felt elated as he was working to help us obtain a US residence card. As many families in Mexico, the lack of employment there, prevented us to have a stable economic status. At that age, I couldn’t find any motive to go to the United States. As a kid, life was exceptional at that moment because I had my friends whom I could spend most of my afternoons with playing soccer, watching movies, and joking about things. In fact, I tried to invent numerous excuses to…

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  • Personal Essay: The Power Of Rap Music

    Like many people my age, I am an avid listener of music, and rather frequently I look to music (preferably Rap) as a source of guidance or release in times of hardship. There are some infinite songs in the vast realm of music that can perfectly emulate or echo any mood that I might be in, and sometimes the music can actually amplify the feelings I am having like a beam of light though a lens. This power that music potentially holds can be a great tool if used in a constructive and positive…

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  • American Dream In The Workplace

    Many cultures enjoy to spend their time working; others tend to prefer to have more free time. The majority of the American’s prefer to spend the most of their time at work and the Europeans much rather prefer to enjoy life and not be tied down to a desk. How is it that they manage to spend more time at home or travel whichever the case may be and still have a decent lifestyle? If anyone were to ask you, "do you enjoy working?" what would your response be? For example, in “America’s Bizarre…

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  • Funk Music History

    blow up overnight and influence the hip hop music of tomorrow. Of course, hip hop music did not spring out of the blue, but rather it was a newly packaged form of musical delivery that ascended from the music that preceded it. Thus, hip hop was not just a music style that followed funk music, it was directly influenced by this genre and it is a musical descendant of both funk and it is evident through its lyrics, feeling, and recurring themes. Although funk is such a large and diverse genre…

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  • My Career College Essay

    untitled It 's 2 a.m. on my first Friday morning as a college student. My temples begin to ache, as my eyelids gradually gain weight – a long night has turned into an early morning. A biology lab lurks just past the rising sun. Do I continue to finish my beat or do I use the remaining hours to rest before an overloaded morning? As I try to answer that question, a larger, looming one presents itself: Do I follow my dream of becoming a major music producer or do I take a safer route,…

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