The Importance Of Modern Music

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Rae Sremmurd’s “No Type” is a great example of a song that sounds like every other rap song on the radio. Making use of the words “bad bitches” and “nigga” gives a negative set of ideals or purpose that often has a negative influence over the modern population (RaeSremmurdVEVO, 2014). Using the same melodies, tones, and word pronunciations the song becomes recycled, thus giving the modern population an idea of what is common and what isn’t. Consistency is a “must” in modern day music using the same set of distinguishable rhythms, rhymes, and melodies. Our culture is forcing a model of what is popular which often changes what we contemplate to be right and wrong. Thus, this alters what we consider acceptable and what is not from modern culture. While not all rap music is exactly …show more content…
In terms of Rae Sremmurd’s “No Type,” he uses the same pronunciation as either Tyga or Lil Wayne. Sremmurd’s lyrics give off a repetitive feeling of modern approval and mass consumption of this type of music. Spreading the word of music has become so simple that a child with internet access could be affected by these set of ideals to early in their childhood. The music changes the way he or she thinks about what we deem right and wrong. Creating something is no easy task when it comes to music, you must think about the meaning it gives to others, or the feelings you have when creating something so profound and widespread. When listening to modern pop or rap songs they give off an agenda: partying all night, getting drunk and high having the best time of our lives, or so they say. “Everywhere I go, I hear the same awful auto-tuned droning coming from speakers, whether it’s a local restaurant, a department store or even here at ASU” (Adler, 2012, para. 2). The simple fact is that today everything feels and sounds the same, no matter where or when you hear these songs they sound the same as every other popular

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