Hip Hop Rap Vs Rap

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The debate of whether rap and hip hop are the same has been around since it became popular. In reference to history, everyone wants to add to the discussion. People tend to obscure history by adding their own ideas to how things really originated. In the case of Rap and Hip hop, many people try to force the two genres into one due to the fact that Rap and Hip hop share some similar features. Many fail to see that hip hop is different from rap. Rap and hip hop, although both genres originate from the same city and time, are very different due to their style and theme. These two genres have strikingly similar origins. Hip hop and rap both originated in the Bronx’s. They also surfaced around the same time, with Rap forming in the early 1979 …show more content…
In its speech rap completely differs from other types of genres because it contains a sophisticated rhyming scheme. The flow of rap is based on the preference of the vocalist, but both slow tempo and fast tempo rap songs fall under the same roof. Over the years rap has stayed constant due to its platform. The genre consists of spoken or chanted rhyming lyrics. It is a combination of rhyme and poetry. It builds off of the flow helping ease in many of the transitions between lyrics to give a nice flow. In terms of instruments for rap the artist can either choose to start off with a beat and freestyle over it, or they can make a hook first. A hook basically involves two main parts. The hook at first sets a pace and a consistent theme. It is referred to as the “make or break” of the entire rap. Depending on the delivery of the artist the hook can take a lot of time, or be made within a couple of days. The rest of the rap has to contain rhyming schemes throughout it. Some rappers are more creative when it comes to this part. Rappers such as Eminem, 50 cent, and Jay Z are known for forming unorthodox rhymes to match their …show more content…
Both genres have their own unique style due to their lyrics and instruments. They also cover opposite themes. At the end of the day we must realise that these genres are a reflection of our society. Hip hop and rap are movements that helped shift the overall scape of U.S culture. Within it, rap and hip hop embodied more than black America. The genres helped communities connect together and embrace their differences. Music created an outlet for teens, adults, and even elders to become part of discussion that affected their communities. The two genres contributed greatly to global innovations from clothing to slang. The Harlem Renaissance has been said to pave the way for innovation of the two genres and its overall success in the African American community. At the end of the day we must understand that these two genres are important to the history of the United States and

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