Hip Hop Social Movement

Music shows a perspective of the world through the voices of musicians and lovers of music. Hip Hop is a musical genre and a social movement. The movement started in the 1970s which was originated from urban areas on the east coast and from African Americans. The hip hop culture is made up of music, dance, artwork, language, and or fashion. ”The West Coast was the first area to expand hip-hop beyond the East Coast. Initially, Too Short, Ice T, and N.W.A"(Penrice ).The group Niggas With Attitude aka N.W.A has affected the world socially whether its social issues like police brutality , changing hip hop music foundation , or impacting today with artist and movies that show their life during their time .
The music industry has been affected
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The movement of hip hop was not always in a negative light .it was perceived negative due to the fact that it "...Celebrates gang culture, talks in non- condemnatory terms about drug use, and is disrespectful of authority"(Johnson p25) In the 1980s "… The music industry was shaken up with the birth of gangster rap"(Giovacchini). The new form of hip hop “Before N.W.A came out, there was nobody out there doing gangsta rap,” (Young). N.W.A talked about their lives in Los Angles which was “reality rap. After all, they weren’t telling bloody, fictional stories a la Francis Ford Coppola" (Westhoff). The main members of the group Eazy E , Ice Cube , DJ Yella , MC Ren and Dr. Dre talked about everything which "… Uncovered both the hopelessness and resiliency borne out of oppressed conditions" (Penrice) about drugs murders, police brutality and gangs. In addition the media looked at their lifestyle that was filled with negativity. Music critics like Axl Rose commented during the time stating his account, “Then N.W.A came out rapping about this world where you walk out of your house and you get shot. It was just so clear what stupid little white-boy poseurs we were" (Hiatt). This showed that around the world it was a shock to the music world due to it being a different sound and different meaning. Whereas the youth that related to their life viewed their song “Is arguably the most influential song from "Compton" (Jacobs). Critics also “… …show more content…
In 2015 their biopic Straight Out of Compton was a box office hit that received great reviews. Straight Out Compton directed by "F. Gary Gray’s Straight Outta Compton tells the story of N.W.A.’s rise and fall, the triumphs and struggles of the group over the years"(Dornbush) . The biopic had a "… Real-world impact is one of the biggest takeaways from Straight Outta Compton,"(Gale). The movie also related to today’s issues like police brutality that was present in the 1980’s. Peter Travers of magazine Rolling Stone called it “An explosively entertaining hip-hop biopic that raps home truths about race and police brutality” (Travers). In addition it affected artists like Kendrick Lamar a Compton native and others. In an interview Lamar with billboard “N.W.A did a lot more than entertain. They told the truth,” says Lamar. This show not only did N.W.A impact his music but his aspect in life. In Kendrick Lamar’s songs you can see that he was inspired in the song “Alright “which the group was “…Able to say what you want to say on a record and not being in fear of what others may think,"(Blistein ). The song is about police brutality which N.W.A constantly talked

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