Rap Music: A Comparison Of Rap And Country

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Compare and contrast

There are a lot of similarities and differences between the different styles of music. The two styles of music that I am going to compare and contrast are rap and country. They are both very popular and common in todays society. They started off as cultural and traditional music, but has evolved into a new genre. Rap and country come from different eras. They have evolved differently, but have many similarities. People say that they are too different to compare, but the way I see it, rap and country have created a new genre.

Here are some similarities between rap music and country music. The first similarity is that they both can be poetic. There are quite a few rap songs out there that are poetic. There are also
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One difference is that rap has a faster tempo than country. Country is more slow and kind of soft spoken. Another difference is that country is 50 years older than rap so it was popular and common to most people first. Another difference is that rap is sort of a free style string of lyrics put together in a clever way.Meanwhile, country has a pattern a pattern of repeated chord progressions. Country music also consists of using instruments and not machines to make beats and different sounds like rap. Rap used to be a cultural type of music. Country was also somewhat cultural. Obviously rap became well-known from the black culture and country became well-known from the white culture, but there are white rappers and black country singers. This used to be different when they both were around at the same time years ago. In todays society, there are different types of people who listens to different types of music and not just their cultural music. Country is a combination of blues,, jazz, and hillbilly folk. Country music can be stereotyped. It can be assumed that a person who wears a cowboy hat with wrangler jeans can be a country music fan. That stereotype is often true, but may not always be the case. Country music entertains a different audience. In todays society country music is listened to by people of different lifestyles. Country music is deeply influenced by American culture. The country western style existed before …show more content…
They both are very useful and are popular in todays society. They both can be meaningful and lessons can be taught. Rap and country have been blended together to make different music. This is apart of a new generation and a new era. Rap and country have evolved together and created a new sense of style and a new type of music genre. Now rap and country doesn't always have to be identified as two different types of cultural music, they can also identified as a new musical

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