Analysis Of Bharati Mukherjee's Two Ways To Belong In America

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In society rap is arguably one of the popular forms of music in African American culture. Rappers today continue to talk about current issues of the world and their personal stories through rap's poetic meaning and structure, for example rappers like Mickey Factz expresses his hope and dreams through music. “Do it for the culture. For the grind, for the hustlers. Yeah I do it for the love of life. It's the life I'm living,I'm gonna keep, keep on winning. This time…”(Mickey Factz ft.Marsha Ambrosius Rappers have influenced how we view music and has created some of the best artists in the music industry. Culture can influence a person and how they view the rest of the world for their entire life. …show more content…
In “Two Ways to Belong in America” by Bharati Mukherjee explains why she wants to be involved in her community. “I need to feel like a part of the community I have adopted(as I tried to feel in Canada as well). I need to put my roots down, to vote and make a difference that I can”(72). Bharati's new culture new American culture gives her a reason to be a part of her community and make a difference. In Frida Kahlo by Hayden Herrera, Herrera expresses how Frida’s artwork gives different perspectives through her portraits. “Most of the two hundred paintings she produced in her abbreviated career were self-portraits. ...She dressed in flamboyant clothes, greatly preferring floor-length native Mexican costumes to haute couture”(27-28). Frida’s artwork expressed her ideas of her culture through the imagery of her portraits and how she

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