Two Ways To Belong In America Essay

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You know that part of you, the part that makes you who you are and you have no idea how it came to be that way. That part of you is called your character. It is the way you act, think, and how you live your life. You do not know why but you also do not question it. Character influences how you make sense of the world around you, the way you see things and the way you live your life. Nobody completely follows all of the basic principles and “rules” of their particular culture. It is absolutely impossible to do so, because your character overrides certain things within your culture that you do not agree with. For example, lets say you are raised in a very Catholic family who follows the Bible word for word. They constantly complain about LGBT …show more content…
Mira’s character shows that, despite moving in a different country, her Indian roots are what she feels fit her best. She does not want to give up wearing saris and carrying on the tradition of arranged marriages. But that is okay because that is what makes her, her. Because she is in America, she has the full freedom to wear whatever she wants and do what she pleases because she is free. Even though she chooses to keep her Indian culture with her in America, she is still taking a risk because she is standing out from everybody else. “Mira and I differ, however, in the ways in which we hope to interact with the country that we have chosen to live in.” (page 72) Bharati completely transforms herself into your typical American, wearing jeans and t-shirts and even supports the “Citizenship U.S.A.” drive. She has adapted herself to the new environment, which shows that she is a brave person. It takes a lot of bravery to transition away from your original culture and adapt into a foreign one. But this just shows that Bharati felt that since she was going to America, she had the freedom to do whatever she wanted with her life and that her life in India was definitely a big chapter in her life, but she was ready to turn the page and move on to the next

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